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Introduction to Plastic Surgery Hub by Trish
Nina's Introduction to Plastic Surgery Hub


Dermatude Meta Therapy

Ok, after researching this, the first thing I did was book myself in! I’m talking about the Dermatude Meta Therapy facial treatment. Dermatude claims that this procedure is the alternative to a face-lift and most of us want that easier, faster and more affordable... read more

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Finally an Australian website with absolutely everything you need to know to make the most informative decision about plastic surgery! I love this site and the fact that it’s not developed or owned by doctors but by real people who have experienced the benefits and understand everything that comes with having plastic surgery. Reading through the plastic surgery hub, for the first time I truly feel proud of my surgery and the decision to make myself better. Thank you, now I know where to go for answers. J. Fry

People work a lot by word of mouth, but in addition the internet is a great source of information. However you’ve got to realise that the internet is only as good as the people that put the information on there. I’ve seen remarkable mistakes made from believing the things that are read online. With the Plastic Surgery Hub, it’s being supported by plastic surgeons and the information provided there is much more reliable. Watch the video testimonial here.

Dr Terrence Scamp

As a woman reading the Hub, I think it’s spot on, not salacious and not patronizing, YAY!

Rachel S.

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