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I Refreshed My Life, Inside and Out with the VIE Institute

I Refreshed My Life, Inside and Out with the VIE Institute

We all need a pick up every now and then, but when Debra decided she wanted to refresh her life she made changes to her life inside and out! Debra’s story is inspiring for any of us out there who feel as though we have got into a rut, or as though life is passing us...
IGGY AZALEA – SHE’S SO HOT RIGHT NOW, “is it really you?”

IGGY AZALEA – SHE’S SO HOT RIGHT NOW, “is it really you?”

We love Iggy Azalea! Why? Well apart from the fact she’s a Byron Bay local girl (Mullumbimby), she’s a rapper and she’s a hot topic in the media at the moment. Iggy (or as the Byron locals may know her “Amethyst Amelia Kelly) moved to the USA at the age of 16 to try...
Medicare Revoking Tummy Tuck Funding (Item 30177)

Medicare Revoking Tummy Tuck Funding (Item 30177)

Yesterday we reported on our social media channels and groups that Medicare are revoking the item number for Abdominoplasty (30177). The rules are changing by the Department of Health regarding this item number, which means there will no longer be a subsidy for this...

What do surgeons qualifications mean

Introduction to Plastic Surgery Hub by Trish

Nina's Introduction to Plastic Surgery Hub

Finally an Australian website with absolutely everything you need to know to make the most informative decision about plastic surgery! I love this site and the fact that it’s not developed or owned by doctors but by real people who have experienced the benefits and understand everything that comes with having plastic surgery. Reading through the plastic surgery hub, for the first time I truly feel proud of my surgery and the decision to make myself better. Thank you, now I know where to go for answers.

J. Fry

As a woman reading the Hub, I think it’s spot on, not salacious and not patronizing, YAY!

Rachel S.

People work a lot by word of mouth, but in addition the internet is a great source of information. However you’ve got to realise that the internet is only as good as the people that put the information on there. I’ve seen remarkable mistakes made from believing the things that are read online. With the Plastic Surgery Hub, it’s being supported by plastic surgeons and the information provided there is much more reliable.
Watch the video testimonial here.

Dr Terrence Scamp

Welcome to the Plastic Surgery Hub

At the hub we’ve compiled lots of information describing the various cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures and the risks that can be involved. This information is designed to help you with your decision making.

We believe that surgery is a serious matter that shouldn’t be entered into lightly. We definitely do not think that a decision to have surgery should be influenced by a cheap procedure or the lure of an overseas holiday. It simply makes no sense to increase your risks.

Now you’ll be very surprised to know that in Australia any doctor is allowed to perform plastic surgery… such as a breast augment, or a face lift… Now, I don’t know about you, but for me this would be totally unacceptable.

If I’m going to have a procedure as prominent as a facelift or a boob job, then I want to make sure that the doctor is a qualified surgeon, with specialised training in plastic surgery. Nothing less would do.

The single most important advice that I can give you is to make sure that your doctor is a trained surgeon.

If you decide to proceed and go ahead with the surgery we’d love to hear about your experience, and I’m sure many other readers that are contemplating similar surgery and are having similar concerns and experiences would love to hear about it too.

Must Hear Advice

The single most important decision when having a procedure is to decide who your consulting physician will be. At the Plastic Surgery Hub we believe you should initially consult with 2 or 3 practitioners so that you can see who you feel most comfortable with. It will also enable you to do price comparisons.

At your consultation, it is extremely important that you clarify the following 3 things:

  1. The doctor’s qualifications and experience.
  2. The quality of the facility where the operation is going to be performed.
  3. The level of the after surgery care that will be available to you.

To confirm your doctor’s qualifications, check that they are a Fellow of the Royal Australian College of Surgeons. If they are, then they can display the initials “FRACS” up to their name: F-R-A-C-S.

Now, if they are qualified plastic surgeons, they should have undergone additional specific training in plastic surgery at the Royal Australian College of Surgeons. This will enable them to advertise themselves as a plastic surgeon and be a member of the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons, or ASPS.

The qualifications of your surgeon are really important. The surgeons in our directory are the most highly trained and qualified surgeons in their field. We recommend that you consult with these surgeons. You can view them in the directory by clicking the “find a practitioner” tab at the top of this page.

Good luck with everything. If you need any further help, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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