AAPSW 2017I attended this amazing conference last weekend and am loaded with new information, renewed energy and heightened respect for the aesthetics industry (not that I didn’t have that before, but I just keep getting more and more impressed with how clever this industry is and how quickly the technology and techniques move with the times!). This is a conference I look forward to attending each year as I rub shoulders with the best of the best plastic surgeons in the industry and they are truly an inspiration.

Jam Packed Program

This year’s topic was The Ageing Face – New Horizons, and the program was jam packed with info about why and how the face ages; beauty, asymmetry and how it is perceived; facial rejuvenation including the latest surgical techniques; fat grafting; facelifts; neck rejuvenation; PRP; Fillers and non-surgical to complement surgical; facial anatomy and why it’s important to know what’s going on underneath the skin; and, so much more!

AAPSW 2017I was able to speak with some of the keynote speakers such as Dr Bryan Mendelson, world renowned plastic & facial cosmetic surgeon from Melbourne, on the difference between and “good” facelift and a “bad” facelift, and Dr Lionel Chang about Asian Blepharoplasty, and why it’s a different procedure to a Caucasian Blepharoplasty. I also had a chance to get up close and a little bit personal with some Melbourne and Sydney Plastic Surgeons, including Dr Lisa Friederich about gender reassignment, Dr Niamh Corduff on injectables, Dr Naveen Somia about blepharoplasty – it’s not just cosmetic, Dr Geoff Barnett about facelifts, Dr Rebecca Whyte about breasts and tummies, and a whole lot more! We will be bringing you some informative videos, blogs and interviews so you can get inside information on the latest industry techniques, trends and treatments, and must-knows.

AAPSW 2017One of the reasons I love this conference is that it’s such a supportive and cohesive environment. Everyone is there to learn and increase their knowledge so they can take that back to their patients and provide better results and offer better outcomes when it comes to the ever expanding world of aesthetics.


One of my favourite things to do at these conferences is to network, so I can meet the people changing the face of the industry. I can get the lowdown on what treatments and procedures are working, and what are being seen as things of the past. I can get a glimpse into what is to come and pass this information onto you, the consumer. Being informed is so important when making choices to have plastic surgery or aesthetic treatments and getting the info straight from the surgeons and practitioners at the forefront of the field is probably the best place to get it.

Thanks to organisers, The Production House Events (TPHE) for yet another awesome year, and stay tuned for more blogs, vlogs and info once I braindump it all. In the meantime, check out this snippet video on the conference – just to give you a taste of what’s to come.

Well done to all the speakers and attendees for making it such a fun year, and I already can’t wait till next year!

AAPSW 2017


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