The 38th Annual Meeting of the Australasian Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery was held at the Hilton Sydney over the weekend (22-25 October). 2015 focussed on body-contouring, breast and facial plastic surgery with some amazing Australian and international speakers and presentations that once again delighted and “wowed” me.

38th ASAPS ConferenceOne of the highlights for me was Dr Joseph Hunstad from North Carolina in the US, considered one of the best plastic surgeons in America (having developed his own recognised techniques and even invented his own surgical tools), spoke about various Abdominoplasty techniques including the Fleur-de-Lis (where you are cut from one side of your flank to the other and then up your middle to pull everything in together tighter); different to a straight abdominoplasty; different again to the Circumferential Abdominoplasty Lipectomy. He said the goal is always just 3 words “thin, tight, flat”. Perfect, we love that!

38th ASAPS ConferenceDr Nimrod Friedman from Tel Aviv in Israel had some really insightful presentations on fat transfer, the pros and cons; and the right and wrong techniques for facial rejuvenation (specifically with fillers). I was lucky enough to sit down and chat to Dr Freeman, and I’ll keep you posted on this – definitely worth a look for any of you interested in fat transfer.

The highly esteemed Dr Bryan Mendelson from Toorak, VIC was a really exciting speaker we were really privileged to hear speak about periorbital glamorisation – yes, I hear you ask, what on earth is that?! Basically, it is rejuvenation around the eyes, and Dr Mendelson is extremely well known for being one of the best facial surgeons in the world, so his discussions on the subject had me glued to my seat.

38th ASAPS ConferenceThe last speaker I’d like to make special mention of was Dr Ewa Siolo, originally from Poland but educated and trained in South Africa. A lady in the middle of a field dominated by men, Dr Siolo was a breath of fresh air with her energy and I was so encouraged and amazed by her stories of her work in South Africa (with its own share of intense history and current traditions), and her involvement in the latest and cutting edge technology of stem cell research and its connection to plastic surgery. I also made a point of interviewing this fascinating lady and I will pop that up on the site as soon as I can.

One of the things that I always get out of these conferences is the enthusiasm and dedication of the surgeons to their craft – those attending, and those speaking. For almost all of these amazing doctors and surgeons, plastic surgery is not just a job; it is a chosen lifestyle and passion. So many of them volunteer their time to charity and research, write papers on their chosen fields and areas of expertise, and take the time to educate others on their findings and knowledge.

Once again, the ASAPS Conference event organisers The Production House Events (TPHE) put on a spectacular conference from beginning to end. 200 Plastic Surgeons spent 4 days learning cutting edge developments from leading international plastic surgeons, and this helps to raise the bar of Australian Plastic Surgery and the industry in general. I’d like to thank all the people involved at the forefront and behind the scenes for making it one of the most worthwhile weekends of my year.


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