The 3rd Triennial Masters Symposium on Blepharoplasty and Facial Rejuvenation was held in Sydney on the weekend and was attended by some of the world’s finest surgeons, including Dr Robert Goldberg, Dr Mike Groth, Dr Guy Massry and Dr Paul Nassif to discuss the latest techniques and innovations in a rapidly advancing and highly specialised field.

With our own world class Australian surgeons Dr Bryan Mendelson, Dr George Marcells and Dr Benjamin Burt to mention a few also in attendance, this symposium hosted some of the industry’s most brilliant minds and brought together experts from a variety of medical specialties and subspecialties to share knowledge, further their expertise, attend workshops and network.

Some of the topics discussed included: Managing Patient Expectations and Selecting the Correct Surgical Options; Combining Eyelid with Facial Surgery; Advances in Non-Surgical skin treatments and periocular rejuvenation; The Forehead – aging , anatomy, and rejuvenation; Brow Lifting; Upper Lid Aesthetics; Surgical applications to enhance aesthetics and just so much more.

I was lucky enough to pin down and interview a few of the keynote speakers including Dr Paul Nassif – you might know him from the popular TV show “Botched” (yes I was a little bit star-struck!). He is one of the most down to earth surgeons I’ve ever had the pleasure of interviewing. I chatted to him about Australian surgeons and the fact they are some of the best in the world, “They’re very well respected. They’re excellent surgeons and they’re great colleagues”, he stated. We discussed the issues close to my heart such as patient safety and the importance of choosing your surgeon wisely, as well as his new skincare line which has surprised even him with it’s popularity. I’ll write more about that in it’s own blog later this week, stay tuned! I also met with some other awesome surgeons, so I’ll share those with you in a little more detail too.

3rd Triennial Masters Symposium

Dr Marcells said of the symposium, “I think it’s important that everybody improves their knowledge. I mean, obviously we like to share it amongst our specialty colleagues, but there are other people out there at the moment that I guess are doing the surgeries that don’t have the same training. However, I think they need to be aware of what all the best practises are and what the best teaching is. So, we make these educational seminars open to all the different groups.”

So, once again, another successful Australian symposium that really highlights the calibre of facial plastic, oculoplastic and plastic surgeons we have here in Australia. It just baffles me why any patient would want to go anywhere else for their procedure when we have the best in the world right on our doorstep. One of the other really relevant things that I was reminded of out of this symposium was the importance of choosing a surgeon who is specifically trained and experienced in the specific procedure you are looking at having. Especially when it comes to your face. Dr Angelo Tsirbas said it perfectly. “It’s very difficult, this type of surgery, because you really need to individualise it for the shape of the patient’s eyes, the shape of their face, and the anatomic configuration of what you’re operating on. Many of the problems that occur with patients being unhappy after a surgery or having an abnormal look can be from practitioners doing exactly the same operation in everyone rather than tailoring it. Certainly, it needs to be individualised, and that’s certainly what I do.”

Thanks to the organisers and to the attendees for another fabulous, fun and informative event.

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Photos courtesy of Brian McKenzie


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