One of the biggest reasons people have plastic surgery is because they want to feel better about themselves, but at the end of the day, surgery will only get you so far. We’re going to look at a few other things you can do that will send your self-confidence through the roof and it will boost the benefits you get from having any cosmetic surgery procedure. When you come out of the operating room you really will feel like a new person, but it’s never too early to start becoming a better version of yourself right now.


I think some people realize how important a white smile is and they take care of their teeth every day, but there are others out there who are too lazy to even brush their teeth. If your teeth are looking a little yellow you should get them whitened and once they look fantastic you shouldn’t let them go back to looking dirty and discolored. You’re having surgery performed to boost your confidence, but you will feel less confident if you have horrible-looking teeth.


This is the only thing on the list you’ll be able to carry out without much effort as long as you have enough money to buy new clothes, but since you’re paying for surgery I’m guessing you have a little savings hidden away. When you start wearing new clothes you instantly feel more attractive and it shows because people will be able to sense your self-confidence from a mile off. You can always leave this until you come out of surgery instead of jumping in your car and going shopping now.


When I say you should go to the gym I don’t mean you should run on a treadmill for hours each day. You should actually perform resistance training because this is how you will end up with toned muscles that wrap tightly around your skin when you lose weight. Even performing a selection of bodyweight exercises is enough to see results. Remember to start exercising before your surgery because you mightnot be able to step into a gym for a while once you’ve had your procedure done.


If you’re going in for surgery to enhance your breasts do you know how you can make them look ever bigger? By losing a lot of weight your breasts will now stand out even more, but in order to do that you’ll need to start eating a healthy diet. The average American diet is terrible and we eat far too much food, but an easy way to speed up weight loss is by cutting out carbohydrates. By cutting out an entire food group you don’t actually need unless you’re an athlete you’ll find it easy to eat less calories per day.


Do you ever wonder why people look a lot more attractive when they’re on holiday? It’s not because you’re looking at them through beer goggles and it’s only partly because they’re usually wearing less clothing, but the real reason is because they have a sun tan. If it’s not hot where you live you could always visit one of the many tanning salons to get your skin looking nice and brown. As a rough estimate it will make your look around 10% more attractive so it’s worth it.


You’re having cosmetic surgery because you want to feel better about yourself, but do you realize how much better you’ll feel if you carry out all the extra stuff we’ve spoken about today? If you want your life to be better than ever before I’d start getting to work right now.

Kristina Parker, the author of this post is a freelancer by profession. She is currently writing for Venus Victoria Salon and Spa. She is a health enthusiast and often goes on bike rides with her group of friends. You can also follow her on Twitter @Kristinawparker.

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