Maven sent us this fabulous story about not being sure whether or not she wanted to enter the whole world of injectable treatments to help her with the signs of ageing. We’ve posted it just as she sent it to us. We hope you enjoy reading it as much as we did!

Appearance – does it matter?

I’ve long wanted to ‘age well’ when I was older, so I started looking after my skin when I was in my early 20s. And I was religious about using the best products, getting regular professional facials and doing weekly masques at home.

But as the years over 50 starting mounting, the signs of ageing seemed to accelerate.

So here’s my story about how I recently tried INJECTABLE treatments to fix up a few pesky wrinkles and other facial flaws.

What I didn’t know until just a few weeks ago, was that I was the ONLY injectables virgin amongst my closest female friends circle. Funnily, no one ever mentioned it.

Even an old friend I hadn’t seen in 10 years, didn’t fess up when I asked her what her secrets were to looking the same as she did 10 years ago (she literally had NOT aged – at least, not visibly!).

And like most of us, though, I still feel fairly young for my early 50s.

But despite looking after my skin with quality products and glycolic peels for over three decades, there I was –in my early 50’s and looking every bit my age…

Here’s what it once was in my early 30’s (high cheekbones, even brows, a firm jawline)
Maven's injectables story

And 20 years later, here’s what it had become:
Maven's injectables story

Thanks to unflattering photos – I decided it was time to find some assistance to STOP the ravages of time (or at least slow it down). I felt my skin had failed me and my regimes. But I guess none of us can really stop the flow of ageing…only hold it back a bit.

So I went in search of the bigger guns – not serums, but injections.

How I found my injector and why I think your Injector is more important than the procedure

I’d done some content review work for The Cosmetic Surgery for Women, and had previously been involved in aesthetic techniques as an Aesthetician.

I know full well what facial surgery can do to ‘reverse’ the processes of ageing, but I just didn’t feel ready yet to jump onto the surgeon’s table…

So I did extensive research into what treatments got the best results for wrinkles and sagging skin. Fortunately, being close to the practices, I’d heard incredible things about a Senior Nurse Injector, Kay, who injects at MEDICI CLINIC in Berwick and in Hawthorn at the Cosmetic Surgery for Women. I heard she was very particular about giving clients VERY natural-looking enhancements.

“Subtle yet effective” was how she described it to me.

I knew she was the right Injector for me after all that I’d heard, so I booked in on my 53rd birthday! As excited as I was, deep down, I was absolutely petrified. All the negative outcomes you see in the media, when people get it wrong or use too much – and all the ‘what ifs’ about results – were running through my head.

Maven's injectables storySo I didn’t get much sleep the night before. My top concerns were:

  • Pain: Would it hurt? (I have sensitive skin and nerves so my pain tolerance isn’t the best)
  • Looks: Would I develop ‘face freeze?’
  • Would my lips end up like Angelina Jolie’s? (Hers are lovely, but wouldn’t suit me at all, and EVERYONE would notice – yep, I’d decided to get my lips filled in a bit too while I was there)
  • Would it even work?

So despite the worries, I knew I wanted to reverse as much of the signs of ageing on my face as was possible.

So I knew I just needed to relax and trust the process. I felt fairly certain I could trust Kay as I had heard she was simply spectacular) – but I had to talk myself into tolerating whatever pain would be necessary.

Then it was time

The facial consultation, which I thought would be a breeze, was actually a bit confronting. I held up the mirror in a bright light. We looked at the depth of the forehead wrinkles, and she told me the lip plumping would also help with the ones around my lips.

“What lines around my lips?” – Oops – hadn’t noticed those ones, but they suddenly glared at me in the light.

Kay and I spoke for a while before she started. Mostly her reassuring me that it wouldn’t hurt much and that she would use a very soft lip filler to create a natural feeling lip enhancement. She also promised she would do her best with the sagging eyelid skin and mid-face wrinkles, by enhancing my jawline and my cheek line as well as enhancing the lips.

She also highlighted to me that she doesn’t put TOO much filler in at once, especially with new clients, so that they can choose the best size or shape – eg. slowly increasing the lip plumpness to just where you want them, and not overdoing the cheeks or jaw so that the effect is subtle – natural – yet rejuvenating.Maven's injectables story

I was excited and frightened at the same time

Different people I spoke to on the day of my procedure seemed to all have had different experiences with Injectables, from the “hardly noticeable” to the “OH that was OUCH” variety.

But I have a low tolerance for pain and sensitive skin, so I figured I’d get the more painful experience.

Fortunately, I was wrong. It did hurt a bit at times; but hardly at all for most of it – and it was SO worth it that I didn’t care! The LIPS hurt the most, but it was over very quickly, and I really wanted them – and I love the result. So I’d do it again in a heartbeat.

The Results

It is subtle, yet I can tell my skin looks better (see photos) and my face looks slightly more contoured (like it was when I was a bit younger, but which had faded with time).

Maven's injectables storyKay says that injections take about 3 months to see the full effects and will look even better over time (that’s a real PLUS!) – and she told me that most clients need to be “redone” at about 12 to 15 months or so, sometimes earlier and sometimes longer depending on the patient).

Surprising to me is how much I really like having slightly plumper lips. They feel just like my lips, only slightly fuller – which does look better.

But what I love most, I think, is how the jawline, cheek injections and the ‘muscle-relaxant’ injection on my forehead – have made me look just a bit more like I did several years ago. Not as saggy and a bit more definition in the facial contours. It well exceeded any expectations I had for what it might do (and removed my fear of fillers, which I discovered was unfounded – the right fillers in the right places can do wonders.) And absolutely ZERO downtime (lips were tender for a few days, but nothing else hurt at all – I hear this is an indication of having a very precise, great injector, although I guess everyone is different).

I really want to thank my great injector, Kay Nuttall (Coco Skin and Anti-Ageing in Hawthorn East), and she was super about keeping the injections as pain-free as possible (she had some great tricks for that).

So… thanks, Kay!

If you’d like to book with Coco Ruby Skin & Anti-Ageing at 759 Burwood Road in Hawthorn East phone (03) 8849 1450


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