Breast Augmentation, and in fact any plastic or cosmetic surgery procedure, is a personal and intimate decision. A decision that can overwhelm even the most confident and capable man or woman as they come to terms with wanting a body to match their confidence and lifestyle, or even help increase their confidence and self-esteem.

Having finally made the decision that surgery is the best option – and desperately wanting to avoid the horror stories of botched surgeries often featured on the tabloid style TV programs – this same confident and capable person can easily feel overwhelmed as they are faced with choosing from all the options and techniques now available in the ever-expanding world of plastic and cosmetic surgery.

The truth is plastic surgeons undergo years of intensive training. While not all of plastic surgery is cosmetic, the application of the years of knowledge learned through working difficult reconstructive problems, train the mind, eye, and the judgment of a plastic surgeon. Performing an operation is much more than making a decision to do so. It’s about planning, critical decision making, having the insight and foresight of potential risks and issues, which is learned through the many years of training. This intensive training and experience ensures patients are in the best trained hands possible.

Also, a specialist surgeon will have the initials FRACS after their name, which means they are a Fellow of the Royal Society of Plastic Surgeons. If they have additional training in Plastic Surgery it will be FRACS (Plast). So if you are having surgery, you will want to ensure your Plastic or Cosmetic Surgeon has FRACS in their list of qualifications and memberships.

Choosing your surgeon should be like preparing and researching for an interview. The only difference is, the patient is the employer and the potential plastic surgeon, the employee. After all, the patient is employing the surgeon’s services to perform surgery on their body!

Interviewing various surgeons and finding not only the right one, but also one who listens to the patient’s needs, provides expert advice and importantly, whose personality fits the patient, is all part of the process.

Dr Justin Perron

Dr Justin Perron

Dr Justin Perron, Brisbane-based Cosmetic, Plastic & Reconstructive surgeon, renowned for his excellence in customer care, suggests patients ask the following 7 questions during the ‘interview process’.

1. Could you tell me a bit more about your qualifications and background?
2. How many of these procedures have you done since you specialised?
3. How many breast augmentations do you do a year?
4. What is your success rate for these procedures?
5. What technique do you use?
6. What after-care do you provide?
7. Where do I stand if something goes wrong?

Of course there may be more questions, but this is just a start.

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