Amanda’s Transformation with Dr Justin Perron – Part 2

We’ve been lucky enough to follow Amanda’s Transformation journey from her first procedures with Dr Justin Perron, Specialist Plastic Surgeon in Brisbane, QLD, to her last lot earlier this year. Amanda lost a massive amount of weight – 96kg! after bariatric surgery, and has had several procedures including a circumferential body lift, butt lift, fat transfer, abdominoplasty, fleur de lis ‘style’, plus a thigh lift and more. Amanda is an absolute inspiration to all of us and she talks about how she’s stayed so positive the whole time. I was so lucky to be in the operating room during two of her procedures which you can view here.

Amanda's TransformationAmanda's Transformation







Amanda's Transformation

What’s the FracTotal Facial and Why Do We Want It?

If you’re looking for THE ultimate facial to give you results you’ve dreamed of, read on. The FracTotal Facial is a combination of three different technologies that produce superior rejuvenation and improvement of the face, all without surgery. Combining three different technologies of Lumecca, Fractora and Forma, the FracTotal Facial will become your new best friend.

What is the FracTotal Facial?

The goal of the FracTotal Facial is to treat different signs of ageing that occur at varying depths in the skin. This creates a more comprehensive outcome than if each treatment was performed alone. FracTotal combines three technologies that work together in a combination treatment to help treat and improve just about every skin condition including:

  • FracTotal Facial

    Patient has had FracTotal Facial treatment


  • Texture
  • Pigmentation
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Deeper wrinkles
  • Crepey skin
  • Skin laxity
  • Dullness
  • Acne scars
  • Skin Damage
  • Uneven skin

The three technologies used in the FracTotal treatment are:

Lumecca – A new generation IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) device, Lumecca is said to be one of the best on the market. The benefit of IPL treatment is that it emits a number of colours of light so it can simultaneously target various signs of sun damage in the skin. Lumecca delivers most of its energy in the green and yellow light spectrum, and it emits the energy using a super-fast, powerful pulse to create impressive skin rejuvenation results. Lumecca is great for pigmentation, superficial redness and veins and it will achieve results in 1-2 treatments that would take other IPL’s 4-6 treatments. .

Fractora – Fractional radiofrequency is used to improve skin texture and is said to be one of the most effective non-surgical treatments for fine lines, deep wrinkles, scarring and some skin laxity. Fractora has the flexibility to be adjusted to what the patient needs. Individualised treatment with varied depths and density of treatment tips allow the physician to tailor the treatment around the patient’s concerns and desired outcomes. The radiofrequency is delivered via an array of tips that stimulates collagen and elastin, resurfaces the skin and triggers a smoothing and tightening effect.

Forma – Continuous radio frequency that is less intensive than the Fractora, Forma is the final stage in the treatment and helps to complement the resurfacing and rejuvenation effects of the previous two stages. The amazing ‘party-trick’ that your practitioner can perform with Forma is to treat the face one half at a time to allow you to see the visible tightening that is happening immediately. The best feature of Forma in comparison to other skin tightening treatments is that it is painless. You will feel warmth in your skin so you are aware that your skin has been treated but the process will be pleasant and comfortable.

What’s the Recovery like on the FracTotal Facial?

There is some expected downtime of the FracTotal treatment which includes some redness and swelling but this usually subsides within three to 14 days. You are advised not to expose your skin to direct sunlight and keep your skin moisturised as it heals, especially with the skin resurfacing performed in the Fractora microneedling treatment.

However, the results are worth it and the FracTotal Facial is said to provide results comparable to a non-surgical facelift with younger looking, softer skin, fewer fine lines and wrinkles and more even tone and brightness. Areas that are ideal for treatment are the face, neck and decolletage and ageing on the hands.

If you’d like more information or to find a practitioner who offers this treatment click here.

How My Dermaplane Pro Treatment Completely Changed My Skin

I have very, very oily skin and very open pores which means they clog up, and I also have what’s called a cauliflower nose. If you squeeze it gets wormy things coming out! People used to say you’re lucky you won’t get wrinkles but it gets clogged up to the point where you can feel it. Makeup looks awful. I perspire profusely. It’s not nice.

I first went to Riana from Dermaplane Pro after I saw an ad in the local paper. I’ve now been going to her for about 4 years and she was the one who suggested Dermaplane Pro for this skin of mine.

I have it every season. I’m an outdoor person – sun, pool, beach, in the cold… I’m always outside, walking the dogs and your face does suffer. I can feel the little blackheads sitting on the top. Dermaplane Pro cleans those and takes the dead skin off. It always feels fresher and looks 100% better. Over the last 4 years, I have 3-4 a year and my skin has improved 95%.

I had wrinkles like a ventriloquist doll – they were like the grand canyon! Now they’re superficial. That’s the biggest change.

Hormonally Fuzzy!

I’m fuzzy – I’m 67 and I’m hormonally fuzzy and hairy! My dermaplaning treatments take all that off and I look younger, I feel younger, my skin feels healthier. All the acne scars I had as a teenager are gone. I used to get those horrible little white lumps and I just realised I haven’t had them for about a year. They don’t come up under the skin like blind pimples anymore which is great. I had them everywhere. I used to get them on my neck as well. My skin is a lot less oily. I feel like a lizard shedding my skin with the seasons.

Dermaplane Pro Treatment

The Dermaplane Pro Treatment

It feels like somebody is scrubbing your face, totally pain free. It has even taken off some of the skin cancers form my sunbaking. I have one left but the others never came back.

You know when you need it again, because you can feel the oily glands in the pores of your skin (usually under the eyes and oily areas) you can feel the lumps where they’re full and they really need to be taken off and it’s quite noticeable.

My massage therapist who also used to do my facial care looked at me and said what have you done? Then she had it done and she felt really well as well.

I think it’s important to have someone you trust and I the years that I’ve known Riana she’s always getting qualifications to keep up-to-date. She also makes suggestions, which I love. I don’t wear any makeup now. Sometimes I get my eyelashes dyed, and that’s it.

Treatment takes about half an hour. No downtime. I come out feeling smoother and Riana puts on this beautiful cream afterwards. It’s soft and gentle like velvet so you feel totally pampered even though you’re getting something healthy done – everyone thinks you get something done and it’s going to hurt – but this doesn’t. I don’t get any numbing cream for it at all. I’ve had it done and gone out and sunbaked straight away! Been naughty but it was fine.

I’m off to Africa soon and I’ll have another one done when I get back because I’ll be out in the dirt and the dust and off camping, so I can only imagine what that will do to my face, so I look forward to having it when I come back.

I used to do horrible things to get the layers off my face, even use the silky mitts for hair removal on my face. Terrible things – and it wasn’t to remove the hair… I was trying to take the skin off. Even nail files, I’ve been known to use that. It was so lumpy and greasy and horrible I just wanted to take the layers off and now I’ve found someone to do it for me at an inexpensive price.

My advice is to shop around, go by word of mouth.

I think it’s one of those things people should try – try it once, see what you think. I think it would suit anybody. And it takes all that soft baby stuff off too. No more embarrassment when your hairdresser shaves your sideburns!

For more information on the Dermaplane Pro treatment check out the blogs below. To make a Dermaplane Pro appointment click here.

Dermaplane Pro Treatment

Dermaplaning – has your practitioner had the right training?

Dermaplane Pro Treatment

Dermaplaning – the hottest treatment of 2018




What is the Brera Plasmage? Dr Robin Chok explains…

Brera Plasmage

Dr Robin Chok is an “injectables guru”

You might have seen or heard of the new treatment for rejuvenation that creates little dots on the skin but Brera Plasmage is unique. From Italy, it’s fractional plasma technology controls the the energy and depth of it’s smaller pulses and is able to perform extremely precise treatments. This treatment is extremely popular in Europe and is even able to perform blepharoplasties!

The awesome Dr Robin Chok from Kent Town in SA explains what else this amazing treatment does, Dr Robin Chok performed my first Botox injections and he’s just brilliant. For any of you interested in skin rejuvenation or tightening this podcast one is for you!

Breast Implant Revision, A Facebook Live with Dr Eddie Cheng

We recently covered Breast Implant Revision a Facebook Live with Dr Eddie Cheng, Specialist Plastic Surgeon, Brisbane. Dr Cheng is the Plastic Surgeon who heads up AR Plastic Surgery in Brisbane and on this Facebook Live he shares with us information about Breast Implant Revision.

At Plastic Surgery Hub we have gathered the questions that our community have asked Dr Cheng about Breast Implant Revision. The questions include removal of implants, removal and replacement of implants, size of implants, fat transfer and a whole lot more.

This is a great opportunity to ‘meet’ Dr Eddie Cheng before even stepping foot into his clinic. Its obvious he is passionate about patient safety and with his A-Team he is assured of providing the best patient experience. Truly 5 star.

To find out more about Dr Eddie Cheng check out the list of real stories and blogs on the website.

Also if you would like to join our closed Facebook Support Group “Plastic Surgery Support Forum For Aussie Chicks” just type that into the Facebook search page, request to join, complete the 3 questions, and wait to be accepted. This is a great bunch of ladies each of them somewhere in their journey, and they are happy to share their experiences with you, and hopefully help you on your journey.

We also offer a concierge service for patients that are travelling from interstate. Just go to and check out our concierge services and recovery packs.


Kirsten’s Triple Combo Acne Treatment gets amazing results

Rejuvenation Clinics of Australia (RCA) are getting some amazing results with their Triple Combo Acne treatment – a combination of treatments including laser, LED light therapy and skin peels to treat and combat acne, in some cases severe. Kirsten is lucky enough to work with RCA but found herself as a patient when she was looking for solutions for her own acne. We chatted to Kirsten about the Triple Combo Acne treatments and how they work. This podcast is a must-listen for anyone with acne, or anyone who knows anyone with acne.

Meet Specialist Plastic Surgeons and Team at Cosmetic Surgery for Women!

What an amazing opportunity! If you’ve got questions about a particular procedure, or want to check out a few surgeons before you decide who’s going to perform your surgery, you’d be mad not to go to the Cosmetic Surgery for Women’s upcoming Breast, Body and Face Event held every 4-8 weeks.

What: An Information Evening for patients exploring Cosmetic Surgery or Plastic Surgery

Cost: No charge to attend

Where: 759 Burwood Road in Hawthorn East, convenient from many parts of Melbourne and Victoria

When: Thursdays 6.30 pm start until approximately 8.15 pm. Check dates here.

This is a really unique chance to meet and hear the awesome Specialist Plastic Surgeons discuss such topics such as:

  • LEARN more about the latest options for Plastic Surgery/Cosmetic Surgery and Skin Rejuvenation
  • HEAR from prior patients to understand what it’s like to have plastic surgery
  • MEET Specialist Plastic Surgeons in Melbourne and Surgery Patient Care Teams
  • DISCOVER the latest facial injecting methods and laser facial treatments
  • VIEW unique case study photographs of cosmetic surgery results
  • HAVE a chance to win door prizes OR facial vouchers from our Coco Ruby dermal clinicians

If you live in Victoria, we really think you should consider attending this event, especially if you’re considering any sort of procedure, whether it be surgical or non-surgical. Cosmetic Surgery for Women & Aesthetic Surgery for Men have it all covered, and have some of the best plastic surgeons and practitioners in Australia working for them.

You can reserve your spot by clicking here or for more information email me at!

Is Otoplasty Surgery Right for You?

We all have those areas on our face or body that we’d love to alter slightly, to help give us that self-esteem and confidence boost that we are lacking. For some of us, it’s our ears. Children can be bullied at school by classmates for having ears that stick out just a bit too far, or due to a genetic concern that led to malformations of the ear. Adults are definitely not immune from the anxiety and loss of confidence that can accompany having ears that are too large or otherwise simply not what you’d prefer them to be.

Otoplasty, or ear surgery, can help to correct a number of concerns with the shape, size, and positioning of the ears.

Who is the ideal candidate for otoplasty?

The ideal candidate for any surgical procedure is an individual who is in overall good physical health. Be sure to completely discuss your medical and health history with your plastic surgeon during your consultation.

The following concerns can also see you qualifying as a candidate for otoplasty.

  • Having a great amount of anxiety about the look of your ears
  • Prominent or sticking out ears
  • Misaligned, misshapen and even disproportionate ears
  • Needing a natural look for your ears

According to plastic surgeon Dr. Cleland, children as young as 5 who have ear abnormalities may qualify for surgery to correct them. Older children may also qualify if they are looking for cosmetic solutions. Ears tend to reach their full size around the ages of six, which is why it’s possible for children as young as five or six to get corrective or cosmetic surgery. Some concerns may be so severe that it’s best to address them as early on as is possible in order to minimise the trauma that can be seen with bullying in school.

What can be expected during ear surgery?

On the day of the procedure, patients are advised to not eat or drink prior to their surgery. General anaesthesia will be used during the procedure, for most patients. Some may be better suited for local anaesthesia or IV sedation.

Patients will be monitored during the procedure to ensure their heart rate, blood pressure, pulse and oxygen levels are maintained. The surgeon will behind the procedure, based upon the surgical plan that you agreed upon during your consultation.

Most otoplasty procedures do not take an excessive amount of time. Once completed, patients will be taken into recovery to be monitored. Most patients will be released to go home after a few hours of observation unless other plans have been made for postoperative recovery.

Otoplasty aftercare and recovery

As with any surgery, there is a recovery period that will require patients to avoid strenuous activities for several weeks. After the procedure, you will receive aftercare and recovery instructions about post-surgical care.

These instructions could include information about any drains if they have been placed. Normal symptoms to expect during recovery will also be included, along with some potential complication signs to be aware of.

A dressing will be wrapped around the ears after surgery to protect them. Your surgeon will let you know when you can remove the dressing and may prescribe an antibiotic ointment to be used as the incisions heal. Other prescription pain medication may also be offered, including pain management solutions.

While each patient is different in terms of healing and recovery, most can expect to work and light activities within a week. After two full weeks, the final results of the procedure will be visible. Results from the otoplasty procedure are typically life-long results.

Leanne’s Multiple Procedures with Dr Gavin Sandercoe

Leanne has had a bit of a journey when it comes to the procedures she needed after massive weight loss and had her first surgery in May 2018 where she had a breast lift and inner thigh lift. Then in August had a lower back lift and outer thighs, followed by an abdominoplasty with muscle repair and fat grafting to her breasts and under her eyes in November, all in the same year! It wasn’t over though, because Leanne had a revision surgery on her back lift earlier this year! But it’s all been worth it though because Leanne’s multiple procedures look fantastic, and is super happy with her results from Specialist Plastic Surgeon Dr Gavin Sandercoe, who Leanne says helped her every step of the way to get the great results she has. We absolutely loved chatting to her about her surgeries. Leanne was extremely open and generous with her time – you’ll love this podcast.

Siobhan’s Rhinoplasty with Dr Raymond Goh

Siobhans Rhinoplasty

Dr Raymond Goh

Siobhan wasn’t happy with the aesthetic appearance of her nose but it turns out she had broken cartilage that would have happened as a child that had affected the appearance of her nose. Siobhan found Dr Raymond Goh in Brisbane through his awesome reviews and says Dr Goh made her feel comfortable and answered all of her questions in such a way that made her feel as though he was the surgeon for her.

Siobhan is extremely happy with her rhinoplasty results and now feels like her nose fits her face. You’ll love this podcast – Siobhan is honest, real and relatable.

Siobhans Rhinoplasty

Siobhan is really happy with her natural looking results from her rhinoplasty with Dr Raymond Goh

To see some more amazing rhinoplasty results from Dr Raymond Goh check out the blogs below:

Siobhans Rhinoplasty

Dr Raymond Goh Talks Rhinoplasty, Septoplasty, Revisions and all things Noses

Siobhans Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty in Brisbane, with Dr Raymond Goh




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