A Facebook Live with Dr Matthew Peters, Specialist Plastic Surgeon – All your Breast Implant questions answered

Get up close and personal on A Facebook Live with Dr Matthew Peters, Specialist Plastic Surgeon from Valley Plastic Surgery in Brisbane where he shares with us information about breasts, implants, Motiva ergonomix implants and a whole lot more.

Dr Matthew Peters is a highly respected Australian Plastic Surgeon. To see some of his patient stories check out the blogs below or you can visit his website here:

breast implant questions answered

Yvonne’s Massive Weight Loss and Transformative Procedures with Dr Matthew Peters

breast implant questions answered

Sharni’s breast reduction and lift, belt lipectomy and mons lift with Dr Matthew Peters




What is the Halo treatment?

HALO is a hybrid fractional laser that delivers both ablative and non-ablative energy to the skin, combining two different treatments that up until now were only able to be delivered separately. With fully customisable treatments the HALO can target skin damage and rejuvenation at the same time and be adjusted according to the patient’s requirements. Getting dramatic results with less downtime than traditional ablative lasers, the HALO treatment is able to restore a natural, youthful glow and reverse years of damage due to ageing and sun exposure.

Halo treatment

Halo is able to treat most skin types

What is the HALO able to treat?

Besides giving the patient a more youthful glow, the HALO is able to improve overall texture and tone. It is also able to treat:

  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Age spots, sun spots
  • Freckles
  • Skin tone and texture
  • Reduces pore size
  • Pigmentation

The HALO is different to other lasers because it is able to target damage at different levels of the skin. It can treat deeper damage as well as surface damage – hence the more significant results and ability to do what other lasers do in two different treatments, or with two different lasers. It does this by combining two different laser wavelengths and projecting them into an ablative and non-ablative pulse. It is fully adjustable allowing the practitioner to change the settings to suit the individual patient and what damage they are looking to treat.

Every patient’s skin is different – different skin types, degrees of sun damage and exposure to different lifestyles and toxins. HALO can be tailored to treat each patient. While the HALO is most often used to treat the face, it can also treat hands, arms, necks and the chest area.

Halo treatment

Halo can treat the face, arms, hands or chest area

What does the HALO treatment involve?

While each patient has a different pain threshold, most patients describe the HALO treatment as completely tolerable with mild discomfort. Local anesthetic cream is applied to minimise any discomfort and the HALO laser also incorporates an inbuilt cooling system to soothe the skin as it is treated. The actual procedure takes between 15 – 30 minutes, depending on the area/s being treated.

What is the HALO downtime?

After a HALO treatment your skin is expected to have redness, and this will continue for the first few days after treatment, up to 7 days depending on the intensity of the treatment. Swelling is also expected, however ice packs can help with this. Again, depending on the depth of the treatment, this can last up to a few days afterwards. Some pinpoint bleeding is also common, and the area will feel warm/hot for the first day or two after the treatment. You may also have dark spots appear – this is part of the healing process as your old skin dies and new skin regenerates. Your old skin will flake and peel off and new, shiny skin underneath appears. This is where the magic occurs and after a week or two you will see the results – and all the previous concern will melt away and you’ll see a more youthful, beautiful you underneath!

Your practitioner should explain the process to you, and make themselves available for you at every stage of the process so you can make the most of your HALO experience and get the best results.

The HALO is a great treatment to have in the cooler months, and erase any sun damage from last summer before this summer starts. To find a HALO practitioner go here. You can also learn more about this treatment in the blogs below:

Halo treatment

Mother Daughter Duo’s Halo Treatment for Skin Resurfacing

Halo treatment

Treating Age Spots, Rosacea, Freckles, Skin Conditions with the BBL and Halo




My Factor 4 Treatment – natural skin rejuvenation

Factor 4 is described as the new generation PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) but it’s got some important differences to every other non-surgical treatment. Factor 4 uses your own blood to regenerate your skin from the inside out. What, we hear you asking? It’s true – using your own blood, Factor 4 uses no additives and so this skin rejuvenation treatment is considered completely natural and is a safe, effective option for those wanting beautiful skin without any chemicals, lasers or radiofrequency. Purely derived from natural proteins present in our bodies. We’re excited… a more natural option for skin rejuvenation?

Factor 4 works by extracting your blood and using specially designed tubing to incubate it and separate the plasma from the rest of your blood cells, spinning and filtering it to produce a highly concentrated Factor 4 serum that is then injected back into your skin. This technique helps to stimulate and fast-track collagen growth, leading to healthier, more vibrant skin. It’s said to get some amazing results for full face rejuvenation, find lines, sagging skin, crepey skin and even stretch marks! It’s also said to help with brightening and tightening skin and under eye circles. We’re excited about this last one (and see amazing before and afters below)!! But it is actually also said to help turn back the clock on a huge range of skin issues and help with pre-existing skin conditions.

We were able to talk to a patient from one of Australia’s most prominent plastic surgeons, Dr Bryan Mendelson’s non-surgical Skin and Injecting Clinic about her Factor 4 treatment and why she’s hooked. You know if Dr Mendelson’s clinic is using it… it works.

PSH: What was your motivation for having the Factor4 treatment?

I wanted to refresh my skin and prevent early aging.

PSH: Why Factor4 over other non-surgical treatments?

I wanted a treatment that promotes natural skin rejuvenation and I didn’t want an invasive laser treatments. I also have sensitive Asian skin so I wanted a treatment that is safe and effective for my skin type.

I also believe at my age (mid 30s) this will help prevent early signs of aging.

Factor 4 treatment

Factor 4 works on the face, hands, decollage – it can work just about anywhere on the body, including to help regenerate hair!

What was involved in the procedure? Talk us through your experience.

The treatment was a 2 step process. I had my bloods taken on my first appointment.

My second appointment was the actual treatment. Numbing cream was applied 45 minutes prior to treatment. The actual needling treatment process only took 30 minutes and after the treatment, the therapist used Healite LED to help with the healing process which is very relaxing.

Factor 4 treatment

Factor 4 is getting great results for under-eye circles.

Did your Factor4 treatment hurt?

This treatment wasn’t unpleasant, however there were sensitive areas like the upper lip and eyes I found it to be more uncomfortable.

How was the practitioner/clinic who did your Factor4 procedure? Did they explain everything clearly and do you feel you were informed of the process including expected downtime?

Leanne from Dr Mendelson’s Skin and Injecting Clinic is very experienced and she made my treatment process very easy. I was always comfortable and trust her fully. She explains the aftercare instructions on each visit and she gives you a copy of instructions to follow. The treatment process was seamless and the team are very helpful.

Factor 4 treatment

Factor 4 completely rejuvenates the skin and turns back the clock for smoother, more youthful skin.

Did you have any downtime with the Factor 4 treatment? If so, what was it and how did you deal with it? How long did it last?

My skin felt sunburnt for a couple of hours and my face was red for 2-3 days. Overall, it wasn’t too bad as I had pre-planned for the downtime. I didn’t leave the house for 24 hours after the treatment and didn’t exercise for 3 days.

What results have you noticed from your Factor4 treatment?

I have noticed a big improvement with my skin quality, my pore size has improved. I feel fresher and my skin is definitely a lot stronger. I get a lot of compliments on my skin from friends and strangers!

Will you have the treatment again?

Yes, I’d love to come back and have this done yearly.

Would you recommend the Factor 4 treatment to your friends and family?

Definitely, this treatment would benefit anyone.

If you’d like to find out more or book in for your treatment with Dr Bryan Mendelson’s Skin and Injecting Clinic located in Melbourne, Victoria phone 03 9826 0977 or visit their website. You can find out more about Factor 4 on their website or check out the blog below.

*Our patient wanted to remain anonymous, so photos shown are not of the patient telling her story. Pictures shown are however of other real Factor 4 patients happy to show their results.

Factor 4 treatment

Factor 4 and Lipogems – the more natural rejuvenation with better results!

Factor 4 treatment

Results with Factor 4 – Treating hair loss, skin rejuvenation and more!




APAN2019 Wrap – Industry Conference Success

The APAN 2019 Aesthetics Conference held Monday, 12 August at the Grand Hyatt and with 16 speakers covering a hugely diverse range of topics this was awesome. There were so many extremely informative lectures with industry professionals and topics such as scientific advances, new technologies and devices, industry regulations changes and navigating through them, business strategies, consumer trends, social media and it’s importance in marketing – meant there was something for everyone.

APAN 2019

Getting one of the treatments on offer at the conference

All attendees at APAN 2019 received CPD Points and a Certificate, but also received so much more. With keynote speakers Donna Cameron, Tanja Vriljic, Dr Ben Chan, Deb Farnworth-Wood, Phillip Fernandez and Donna Marçal discussing topics such as “Business Survival in an Every-changing Industry”, “Understanding New and Trending Natural Active Ingredients”, “Gut Microbiota and It’s Impact on the Mind and Body” it was a wealth of insight from some of the industry’s most foremost experts and we learnt much more than We ever thought possible.

APAN 2019

My skin felt amazing after my Cryomed Ultraformer treatment

I was also excited to be invited to speak this year on “Improving Your Social Media Results” and launched my exciting online social media training mastermind course.

This industry conference packs so much into the one day and is becoming an essential for anyone on the aesthetics conference circuit. One of the biggest bonuses of the day is definitely the networking and we look forward to seeing everyone again next year!

To learn more about APAN, the Aesthetics Practitioners Advisory Network go here.

Liposculpture in Sydney

Despite the number of non-surgical devices and treatments now available for fat reduction, Microcannula LipoSculpture – a refined form of liposuction also known as Tumescent Liposuction – remains one of the most effective ways to remove excess fat. One of Australia’s LipoSculpture pioneers, Dr Michael Rich from Rejuvenation Clinics of Australia, has over 25 years of experience performing LipoSculpture procedures. We spoke to him and his theatre assistant Nurse Jenny about Liposculpture in Sydney, and why this is still one of his preferred methods for fat reduction.

What is Liposculpture?

Liposculpture is a technique to permanently remove fat and provide body contouring for a more pleasing aesthetic on the patient. The procedure is also known as Tumescent Liposuction because it can be done with tumescent anaesthesia – or in other words, local anaesthesia. The treatment area is numbed completely, so the patient can be conscious throughout the procedure.

Once the area is numbed, punctures are made with small cannulas (only 1 mm in diameter) to break up and soften the fat, and then suction it out. Thanks to the numbing, you don’t feel any of this. “If a patient does feel discomfort during the procedure, we can increase the numbing fluid,” Nurse Jenny assures us.

The small cannula can be used to sculpt the area for a smoother result. The friction of the cannula beneath the skin also prompts the skin to produce new collagen, which helps the skin tighten itself up after the procedure.


Dr Michael Rich

“With a big cannula, you can cause much more trauma, much more bruising. With a small cannula under local, you’re more careful. You get a nicer shape than I think you would under general anaesthetic with a big cannula,” says Dr Rich.

Taking between 30 minutes and 2 hours, depending on the size of the area being treated, liposculpture can be done pretty much anywhere on your body where you have excess fat including:

  • Belly/abdomen
  • Love handles
  • Back
  • Arms
  • Breasts (yes, you can liposculpture your breasts! This is really popular among males who want to get rid of their “man-boobs”)
  • Double chin and jowls
  • Legs, knees and ankles (thighs are quite a popular spot)

According to Dr Rich, LipoSculpture under local is safe and the recovery is quick. “There has never been a death anywhere in the world with Tumescent Lipo under local,” he says, “and my patients can go to work the next day. They’re belted up and a little bit sore, but they can function quite well.”

Only a little discomfort is felt during the procedure because of the numbing, and recovery varies between people. Some people feel fine, others are tender for a few days. “We advise patients to work within their own comfort zone,” says Nurse Jenny. “Some patients return to work the next day, some take a couple days of rest.”

This counts for exercise, too. Nurse Jenny explains that the muscle is not compromised in the procedure, so you can go back to exercising within a few days, as long as you aren’t feeling sore.

Dr Rich says there is minimal scarring involved with LipoSculpture, as the cannula entry point is only 1.5 mm in diameter. You won’t need to stay overnight at the clinic as there’s no suturing or post-anaesthesia monitoring required. By using 1 mm in diameter microcannula, it also allows for finer sculpting, resulting in much more even and smoother fat removal, with fewer valleys and hills.

Once you’re healed, results take a bit of time to show. Any swelling and fluid should resolve in 1-2 weeks, revealing some results of your fat reduction. Over the next 6-8 months, your skin continues to tighten up. At about 8 months is when you see your best result.

Dr Rich shared some of his liposculpture patient results with us to highlight how effective this method of body contouring can be. Keep in mind that LipoSculpture only requires the one procedure to see results and they are permanent as long as they’re maintained with a healthy lifestyle (eating right and exercising). Other non-surgical treatments for fat reduction often require several visits to your physician.

“As a procedure, the way I’ve been doing it for 25 years, it’s not as invasive as the general anaesthetic, my patients recover well and they love their new shape, so for my patients, it’s a beautiful procedure.”



Click on images for full size

If you’d like more information about liposculpture at Rejuvenation Clinics of Australia, you can arrange a consultation here, or visit their website here.

How do you treat scars with non-surgical treatments?

Ever wondered how to treat scars with non surgical treatments? What scar gels and creams are better than others? What ingredients should we should look for in a scar gel or cream? What non-surgical treatments can help with scarring including Healite and Phototherapy lasers and dermabrasion? How do you heal older scars, stretchmarks and so much more. We recently hosted a super informative Facebook Live with Ann-Marie Nolan, Clinical Manager from Rejuvenation Clinics of Australia who answered all our questions regarding scars.

Rejuvenation Clinics of Australia are one of Australia’s most popular aesthetics clinics and you can also see a transcription of the Q&A on Rejuvenation Clinics of Australia’s website, along with a whole lot of other valuable info on non-surgical treatments.

Lindsay’s Breast Fat Transfer Augmentation

Lindsay knew she wanted plastic surgery after she finished breastfeeding her fourth child. Having lost a lot of confidence as a result of being unhappy with what her breasts looked like, Lindsay found Plastic Surgeon Dr Rohit Kumar and after discussing her options had a breast fat transfer augmentation. This is her story.

The surgeon makes all the difference

The difference between surgeons can make all the difference to your cosmetic surgery outcome. Time and time again we hear of patients having more difficult recoveries, not feeling prepared before their surgery, not having everything they need throughout the process, not feeling as though they have enough access to their surgeon after the procedure, and so on. More often than not (not always, there are always exceptions!) it comes down to the surgeon. There’s a reason why some surgeons are more respected, have a higher profile and generally have more patients willing to sing their praises. Lindsay says she wouldn’t have done anything differently. “Dr Rohit Kumar was my surgeon and he was absolutely amazing every step of the way! Everything went extremely smoothly and absolutely no complications came from it.” Lindsay says there’s nothing she wished she knew before the surgery because she felt prepared from the beginning. “Everything was perfect.”

The Recovery

Lindsay had a bilateral breast augmentation with fat transfer. That means she has implants combined with fat to create a more natural appearance and feel. Lindsay says even her recovery went really well. “I only had to take mild pain killers for 3 days. It’s important to take it easy afterwards, follow the surgeon’s aftercare instructions and get help with difficult tasks.” Dr Kumar is known for his exemplary aftercare. He makes himself available to patients at any time throughout the whole process, especially right after the surgery when most patients feel so vulnerable.

Dr Kumar says it’s so important that patients are vigilant in choosing a good surgeon the first time. “A large number of my patients are patients needing reconstruction from previous, unsuccessful procedures with other less experienced, skilled and trained surgeons. We don’t do $5,000 augmentations, we FIX the $5,000 augmentations.”

Lindsay says her only advise to other patients is, “Do whatever you need to become content with the way you look and feel about yourself. I feel super confident in the way I look now and I’m so happy I had it done. I got exactly what I was after. My self-esteem and happiness are through the roof now and my overall quality of life has improved so much! The changes I see now include having a lot more confidence in my appearance and as a result has improved my marriage.”

Lindsay’s results look extremely natural. “My family and friends, and everyone thinks I look amazing. I highly recommend Dr Kumar as a plastic surgeon.”

breast fat transfer augmentation

Lindsay is thrilled with her bilateral breast augmentation with fat transfer

If you’d like more information on Dr Rohit Kumar or would like to arrange a consultation go here or check out his website. You can also check out more patient stories from Dr Kumar below:

breast fat transfer augmentation

Rosa’s Full Body Lift with Dr Rohit Kumar

breast fat transfer augmentation

Fiona’s breast reduction with Dr Rohit Kumar




Breast Augmentation After Children

One of the most common reasons for aesthetic breast surgery is to restore a woman’s body after pregnancy and breastfeeding. Breastfeeding can take a toll on your breasts and leave them deflated, droopy, and sometimes heavier than before. Some women have trouble fitting into bras and/or clothing as a result of changes to their breast volume and shape. This can impact on a woman’s confidence and self-esteem over time. Whatever the reason, breast augmentation can restore a sense of confidence and comfort in swimwear and clothing. Dr Eddie Cheng, Specialist Plastic Surgeon from Brisbane, QLD, says breast augmentation after children is a common procedure and chats to us about what’s involved.

How long after breastfeeding until you can have a breast augmentation?

This has got to be one of the most common questions we are asked and Dr Cheng says it’s the first question most women ask. He suggests a minimum of 3 months before you start thinking about it. “I usually recommend that somewhere between 3 and 6 months is ideal for a couple of reasons. Firstly, we need to make sure the breast size is stable so that we can be sure to select the appropriate size breast implant for your preferred look. Secondly, there can be an increased chance of dormant bacteria within the milk ducts which may increase the risk of infection if surgery is performed when the breasts are still productive of milk. You also want to make sure you’re at your ideal weight – if you have some more weight to lose, it can affect the size of your breasts and therefore your implant choice.”

Breast Augmentation After Children

After 2 children this patient was hoping to avoid a breast lift but may consider having one later on. She wanted to regain her breast fullness and more symmetry after pregnancy, breastfeeding and fitness training left her deflated. She got 425cc smooth round breast implants by Dr Eddie Cheng.

Nipple Positioning

Where your nipples sit can make a difference to what breast surgery will be best for you. After pregnancy, breastfeeding and weight gain and/or loss your nipple positioning can be affected. When the position of your nipples is too low (pointing downward), also referred to as ptosis, implants alone may or may not fix the problem and a lift may be required to help move the nipples into a more aesthetically pleasing position. Implants can sometimes help lift the nipples but if the problem is too severe, a lift can help bring the nipples back up to where they should be. Dr Cheng says, “Some patients may be in the orange zone, or borderline, or simply want to avoid the scars of a lift if possible. For those ladies I often suggest seeing what the result is like with breast augmentation alone to see if this enhances deflated breasts. Some women are really happy with this improvement. A breast lift can always be performed down the track as a stage 2 procedure to improve breast shape and nipple-areola position if needed.”

Can you still breastfeed after implants?

breast augmentation after children

Dr Eddie Cheng

Another common question that women ask is, “Can I still breastfeed if I have another baby down the track after I’ve had my implants?”. Dr Cheng says usually, yes. “I prefer an infra-mammary incision or an incision in the breast fold to access the breast implant pocket instead of a periareolar incision for this reason. This reduces the chance of interfering with milk ducts and breast tissue. I discuss this in more detail during the patient’s consultation to make sure we’re doing what’s right for the patient and that they are aware of the risks. Any breast surgery can impact on a woman’s ability to breastfeed, however, many of my patients can still breastfeed after breast augmentation.”

Want to see how you will look with your new breasts before you have the procedure?

Breast augmentation after children

Crisalix can show you what you might look like after your augmentation

Dr Cheng and his team at AR Plastic Surgery use 3D imaging technology called Crisalix to show realistic, colour images of the possible outcomes and results of the surgery. Simulating the appearance of your breast augmentation (or any other procedure), the 3D images are included in the price of your consultation with AR Plastic Surgery and helps you and Dr Cheng to better understand what size, shape and outcome you are wanting to achieve. You can see what 300cc might look like compared with 400cc and you can see how different shaped implants will affect your individual result.

Dr Cheng shared some of his breast augmentation patient results with us to see what’s possible. If you would like to arrange a consultation with Dr Cheng click here, or for more information visit his website. You can also arrange an appointment with one of our highly trained patient coordinators for an initial 3D scan to visualise the possibilities.

Follow Dr Cheng’s patient stories on Instagram or facebook@arplasticsurgery. You might also be interested to attend AR Plastic Surgery’s next Breast Implant Information Evening on 22 August. See below for more info:

Breast Augmentation After Children

Alison’s Breast Reduction with Dr Graham Sellars

Alison says she’s always had larger breasts and even developed osteo-arthritis from the pressure it put on her back. She says it caused huge physical and practical issues most of her life. After years of yoyo dieting and two children, Alison had gastric sleeve surgery in May 2018 and lost a large amount of weight and it was then she finally decided it was time for her breast reduction surgery. Alison found Plastic Surgeon Dr Graham Sellars and hasn’t looked back. Alison is also going to have eye surgery and a tummy tuck, and she wants to share her story to help other patients.

Alison's Breast Reduction

If you’d like more information about Dr Graham Sellars you can visit his website or check out the blogs below:

Alison's breast reduction

Trish talks Breast Reduction with Dr Graham Sellars at AAPSW

Alison's breast reduction

The Sculpted Face, Without Surgery – What Fillers Can Do




Lumecca – “The Best IPL Machine I’ve ever had”

Dr Bruce Williamson from Skin Smart Clinic in Sydney talks about the Lumecca – an IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) device part of the Inmode platform that also offers radiofrequency, microneedling and other skin rejuvenation treatments making it an extremely versatile treatment option for patients. Dr Williamson says the Lumecca is by far and away the best IPL machine he’s ever had, and tells his patients Lumecca is what IPL always should have been but never quite was with the previous machines. He says he’s been able to reduce the amount of treatments patients need to see results. This is an exciting development in IPL – don’t miss this podcast.

If you’d like to arrange a consultation with Dr Williamson or see what other skin treatments they offer or conditions they can treat give them a call on (02) 9949 9988.

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