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Dr Mark Gianoutsos

Dr Mark Gianoutsos is one of Australia’s most highly regarded specialist plastic surgeons. Dr Gianoutsos’ qualifications are too long to list here; but suffice to say he is an Examiner in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery for the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons from 2011 and Deputy Senior Examiner in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Royal Australasian College of Surgeons from 2017.

The philosophy of Mark Gianoutsos’ practice is always to treat patients as they would wish to be treated themselves. That is, with expertise, care, professionalism, respect and discretion. It is important that a patient knows that he or she is going to be treated as a unique individual by the surgeon and all members of his team.

Breast Procedures with Dr Mark Gianoutsos

The aim of any breast procedure is to give a woman’s body better balance and proportion and to feel confident and happy with your choice and your body. Any breast procedure aims to give a better overall proportion to the body, but to also provide a better balance and contour to the breasts themselves.

Types of Breast Surgery with Dr Mark Gianoutsos

Breast procedures must be carefully tailored to individual wishes, as well as breast and body type, skin quality and age. The following is a brief outline of the specific types of breast surgery options with Dr Gianoutsos.

Breast Reduction
Reduce breast size, volume and weight to suit the body, improving breast shape and position of the nipple.

Breast Lift
Designed to rejuvenate the appearance of drooping breasts, most frequently following breast feeding.

Breast Implants
A widely requested procedure designed to give a woman’s body better balance, proportion and improve self-esteem.

Breast Implant with Breast Lift
Where there is significant droop, or the nipple position is low, a combination of breast lift with an implant is the best option.

Mummy Makeover
A combination of procedures to address the changes to the overall body shape after childbirth and breast feeding.

Breast Asymmetry
Breast asymmetry is common and can be dealt with using standard procedures tailored to each breast

Breast Reconstruction
Reconstruction following mastectomy is for some patients as vital a consideration as the tumour surgery itself.

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