Having a smile with even, straight, white teeth can make all the difference to your appearance. The rest of your face, no matter how beautiful, can be brought undone by crooked or discoloured teeth. When Janelle went to Dr Valence Roberts at BC Dental in Beaumaris, Victoria she was unhappy with her smile and knew she had to change it.

Janelle's teeth before treatment

Janelle’s teeth before treatment

Janelle says, “I wanted to have a brilliant, perfect smile. I was embarrassed to show it off.” Valence was able to suggest some options to Janelle in order to give her a smile to be proud of.

Janelle’s journey started on 10/04/2014 when she received her first set of ‘Smile Fast’ Magic Braces, also known as Magic Aligners, which look a lot like the Invisalign aligners in that they are clear aligners. For more information on these click here.

Janelle wore these initial aligners for 2 months then graduated through progressive sets over a year until a good position for her teeth was achieved. She also had IPR stripping done on her top & bottom front 6 teeth. For more info on IPR stripping click here.

Janelle with Magic Aligners

Janelle with Magic Aligners

After a year, Valence moved Janelle to refinement trays that did further minor adjustments and then in June 2015 she received a wire retainer for her bottom teeth and a clear aligner (much the same as the ones used to move the teeth) to be used as “retainers” – to maintain the teeth in the new position. In order to make Janelle’s teeth whiter, her upper retainer was also set up as a “whitening tray” and Janelle also did a course of home whitening at the end of her teeth straightening.

Janelle says, “Everything ran wonderfully smoothly.” Whether it is plastic surgery or cosmetic dentistry having a great surgeon or doctor can make your experience a positive or a negative one. Janelle wants us to know, “Dr Valance Roberts is an amazing dentist that went above and beyond with my dental treatment. He is extremely professional with a great sense of humour. He makes you feel at ease and that nothing is a big problem.”

Janelle with her new smile

Janelle with her new smile

Changing and improving a part of your appearance that you might previously have been unhappy with can change your whole life. We asked Janelle how she feels now in comparison to how she felt before she had her dentistry work done. “The results exceeded my expectations and it has made a big difference to my life. I love my smile now and am not embarrassed to show it off!”

So, are there any further procedures Janelle will need to have? “No, other than regular check ups, I’m done.”

Janelle says her family and friends “all think it looks beautiful and are very happy for me.”

Janelle is a perfect example of how changing your teeth can change more than just your smile. It can improve your confidence and your whole facial appearance.

Thanks for sharing your story Janelle and we think you and your smile look awesome!

If you’d like more information about any of Janelle’s procedures, or any other cosmetic dentistry procedures click here, or if you’d like to find out more about Dr Valance Roberts and his team at BC Dental click here.


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