Rosacea is a facial skin inflammation that appears as a redness or permanent blush or rash. Generally seen across the nose and cheeks, it can spread all over the face and neck depending on the severity and is caused when the small, surface capillaries of the skin enlarge, causing sensitivity and sometimes a burning or stinging sensation. Pimples with yellow or white heads can also appear, as well as lumps under the skin and/or mildly swollen cheeks or nose (also known as hyperplasia).

Rosacea is a skin condition that generally develops in both men and women, usually between the ages of 30 to 50 (although there are cases of onset in teenage years during puberty), and although is considered genetic also has various triggers such as alcohol, overheating, coffee and tea, spicy foods and overexposure to the sun, as well as various emotional concerns such as stress and anxiety. Just to add another possibility, some researchers are convinced it may be the result of microscopic mites living in the pores of your skin! Regardless of the cause, it is a condition that can cause discomfort and self-consciousness and many sufferers look for a cure. It is generally agreed that the earlier the diagnoses and the sooner a treatment applied the better chance you have of ridding yourself of the disease before it becomes severe.

There are several treatment options with varying results including tablets, antibiotics and creams among other things (such as naturopathy, diet and lifestyle), but one of the more recent and advanced treatments is laser, in particular the Excel V.

We previously wrote about the success of Excel V in treating spider veins but with rosacea said to affect up to 20% of Australians (exact percentages and figures unknown based on the often unreported cases – many people just live with the condition), and our readers asking which of the technologies were best to treat rosacea, we wanted to look a little further into the Excel V laser for its treatment.

John Flynn Cosmedic and Skin Clinic in Southport on the Gold Coast are well known for dealing with skin conditions and say they have success in treating Rosacea with the Excel V.

Have a look at these photos of before and after patients using the Excel V to show you what sort of results the treatment is getting.

We also looked into the science behind the treatment and the way it works.

The Excel V laser uses pulses of light energy that coagulates the blood within the veins, and destroys the affected vessels which the body will then reabsorb. The practitioner places the Excel V hand piece on the targeted area on the skin and applies the controlled energy until the abnormal vessels disappears. It does not require topical anesthesia or injections. The great thing about the Excel V is that it has a built in cooling mechanism so the skin does not get too hot.

If you are interested in finding out more about the Excel V for treatment of Rosacea or any other skin conditions read more here. You will also find a list of practitioners around Australia who have the Excel V on offer in their clinic.


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