Dr Jayson Oates

Dr Jayson Oates

Earlier this year Cosmetic Surgeon Dr Jayson Oates from Academy Face and Body in Subiaco, Western Australia renamed, rebranded and relaunched his rapidly growing business to recognise the expanded treatments and procedures his clinic provides. Their “facelift” occurred over the last twelve months and the aesthetics industry and business world took notice. Dr Oates and Academy Face and Body was recently featured in the Business View Magazine highlighting his accomplishments and high staff and patient satisfaction.

Over the last twelve months Academy Day Hospital has been updated with a well-designed, open plan design for easy access between patient and nurse during recovery. On top of several other modern features, they also have a “Cool Room” specifically created for the extremely popular new “freezing fat” treatment, Coolsculpting. Academy Face and Body have gutted, transformed, brought fresh colours and increased open space through the whole of the practice, nurturing client comfort and creating a space where patients look forward to being taken well care of.

Academy Face and Body

Academy Face and Body

Whilst Dr Oates’ is a fully qualified and highly respected and renowned Cosmetic Surgeon and is keenly sought after by the media – Dr Oates has appeared on or been quoted by Channel 7, 9 and 10 news, the West Australian and various community newspapers, Cosmetic Surgery Magazine, ABC and 6PR radio; he also makes it his business to keep up with and invest in the latest non surgical treatments. He has a close relationship with industry and technology experts to ensure the equipment he invests in is of the highest quality and provides the best results for his patients. Academy Face and Body offer a huge range of cosmetic surgery and treatments including the following:

and non-surgical treatments such as laser, injectables and a full range of skin treatments and anti-ageing procedures. Dr Oates’ has identified the demand for and taken the initiative to create a one-stop location for all beauty, cosmetic and aesthetic needs.

Another reason to take notice is that Academy Day Hospital was the first facility in Perth to be government licensed (in 2007) as a day twilight sedation hospital. This enables patients medicated with twilight sedation to walk into the operating room, have the procedure, snooze for an hour or two, and then go home. The patient saves on hospital costs and avoids health risks from general anaesthesia. Clients are able to recover in the privacy of their own home.

Dr Oates believes in the benefits of good relationships – with his staff – they have minimal staff turnover and an extremely high work ethic that is fostered by Tracy Heywood, Dr Oates’ practice manager. They also encourage work life balance, staff social interaction and take steps to ensure not only a productive but a fun and enjoyable workplace with an open door policy where staff are able to make suggestions and really make a difference – after all, they’re the ones interacting and identifying patient needs and requirements on a daily basis. Academy Face and Body realise the importance of happy staff, happy patients.

It is this attitude that has led to over 98% of clients at Academy Face and Body being happy with their results and Dr Oates’ says “The other 2% I would put down to the management of patient expectation”. We’d say that’s an awesome success rate and with all the positive reviews we’ve heard about Academy Face and Body, from all of us here at the Hub, a big congratulations!


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