Dr Jayson Oates

Dr Jayson Oates

At the recent MFMB Awards in Sydney, Dr Jayson Oates’ Academy Face Body won National Best Customer Experience, came second with a Highly Commended for Best Aesthetic Practice (WA/NT/SA), were finalists for Best Aesthetic Team and Best Website, and the Best Practice Manager (congratulations Tracy!). Having totally renovated their clinics at the beginning of this year, this award is an indication of how much their clients, new and old, are enjoying the new space and the treatments the clinic offers. Long known as an innovator when it comes to knowing what his clients want, Dr Oates also knows happy staff are essential to happy customers.

Academy Face and Body came to our attention after we kept hearing happy clients refer us to him and his clinic. We wanted to ask Dr Oates (FRACS) and his staff why they are so successful and what it is that makes their clients return time after time.

All Your Beauty Needs Under the One Roof

Academy Face and BodyPerhaps the first thing that Dr Oates realised before many others is that consumers are happier only having to go to one place to get all their treatments and beauty needs. At Academy Face and Body you can get Cosmetic Surgery as well as Lasers, Intimate Procedures, Cosmetic Injectables, Body Shaping, Skin Treatments and much more. It used to be that you’d go to one surgeon for plastic/cosmetic surgery, another for any skin treatments or laser, and another for waxing or anything else. Academy Face and Body led the charge when it came to offering all these treatments, and more, under the one roof.

Dr Oates says in 2007 the Academy Day Hospital also became the first facility in Perth to be government licensed as a day twilight sedation hospital. “Our patients have the added comfort of knowing they save on hospital costs and avoid health risks from general anaesthesia. Our patients also enjoy being able to recover in the privacy and comfort of their own home, which suits today’s lifestyle. We want to ensure the patient experience is as convenient and comfortable as possible.”

New Technology

Academy Face and Body also make sure they keep up with new technology. They research and fully trial all treatments they offer their clients and in this way make sure their clients are offered treatments that will only give them optimum results. They were the first in WA to offer Coolsculpting, Dual Sculpting and the now popular HydraFacial.

Tracy Heywood

Tracy Heywood

Awesome Staff and the Customer Experience

Dr Oates and his award-winning, dedicated and highly motivated Practice Manager, Tracy Heywood, know their patient experience is unique from start to finish and starts with recruitment. Dr Oates says, “It’s great to hire experienced staff but our Practice Manager hires for attitude and trains in skills. To quote Richard Branson, “Clients do not come first. Employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients”.

All staff are highly skilled and partake in continuous professional development. All of our Dermal Therapists have an Advanced Diploma in Cosmetic Dermal Science. Our staff are knowledgeable, confident, empathetic, nurturing and highly discreet.”

Dr Oates’ and his team are known for going the extra mile and their patients and clients are the ones who provide the best marketing through word of mouth.

Understanding the Patient

Academy Face and BodyDr Oates’ says one of the most important things they do to ensure the patient is looked after and happy, as well as getting the results they ultimately want from the experience is to listen. They treat each client as an individual and manage client expectations. They offer complimentary consultations so clients feel no obligation and can explore their options without the pressure.

We want to quote one of Academy Face and Body’s staff to give you an idea of the importance they place on their patients. “To be honest there is not really any one example that stands out. I come to work every day making sure I go above and beyond for each and every patient. Whether they have been a client for a long period of time, or if they have just walked in from the street, it makes no difference. Making sure they get their preferred appointment on the day and time that suits them best is a priority. Applying make-up after their treatment to make them feel that little bit extra special. I would like to think that I go above and beyond for every patient I deal with and not any instance should be different. But it’s not just me. Our whole team goes the extra mile! Whether it be working on their day off to accommodate an interstate client, driving a client home when their taxi didn’t show up, posting products to clients overseas. There have been instances where staff have dropped product off to a client’s house on their way home.”

It is this extra-ordinary customer service and overall attitude that we’d like to congratulate Academy Face and Body on, and their recent sweep of wins at the MFMB Awards is really just the icing on the cake.

If you’d like more info on Academy Face and Body or Dr Jayson Oates click here.


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