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Finally an Australian website with absolutely everything you need to know to make the most informative decision about plastic and cosmetic surgery! I love this site and the fact that it’s not developed or owned by doctors but by real people who have experienced the benefits and understand everything that comes with having plastic and cosmetic surgery. For the first time I truly feel proud of my decision to make myself better.

J Fry

People work a lot by word of mouth, but in addition the internet is a great source of information. However you’ve got to realise that the internet is only as good as the people that put the information on there. I’ve seen remarkable mistakes made from believing the things that are read online. With the Plastic Surgery Hub, it’s being supported by plastic surgeons and the information provided there is much more reliable.

Dr Terrence Scamp
Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon

I have signed up to several websites to promote my services, and have been left a little cold with the customer service, effort and interest. Then I found Plastic Surgery Hub, and have been left with vastly more than what I could have aimed for. They are a key partner in helping to promote my services. I would highly recommend PSH to any of my colleagues if they asked, and worth the resources in terms of quality of patients.

Dr Justin Perron
Plastic Reconstructive & Cosmetic Surgeon

what's covered in the session


Understand the goals of your practice and where you want to be positioned to see if there's a good fit with our audience.

Target Audience

In the session we'll dive deep into your target audience, who you are looking to get in front of and where they reside online.

Online Reputation

Review your current online footprint and reputation to find out if there are any gaps that are hurting your chances of getting more consultations.

Ad Review

Look into what you are currently doing for your marketing and advertising to promote your business to uncover any opportunities.


Explore the opportunities that you could tap into helping your practice get extra exposure from quality clients ready for surgery.


Develop a strategy on how you can firstly get your message right, then get it in front of the correct people to ensure warm quality clients.

Goals and Achievements

Won 2015 Australia's Best Beauty Blogger Award

Regular Contributor For Leading Industry Media

Speaker at Cosmetic Medicine Summit 2016

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