With Dr Steven Liew as Convener, Aesthetics 2019 was always destined to be a success. Attracting a who’s who of the aesthetics industry all over Australia and including some internationally renowned practitioners, this inaugural event was everything it promised to be and more. Speakers such as Dr Bryan Mendelson, Dr Arthur Swift, Dr Greg Goodman, Dr Cara McDonald, Dr Raj Acquilla, Dr Mark Magnusson, Dr Sarah Hart, Rae Morris, and many more, had attendees flocking in droves and they weren’t disappointed. This sold out event lived up to all my expectations.

Aesthetics 2019

With the beautiful Alex Pike,

Targeted at ALL aesthetic practitioners, Aesthetics 2019 was promoted as different to other conferences and with non-stop live demonstrations, practical sessions, workshops and riveting presentations by leading experts it delivered. Attendees were able to glean a wealth of information on all aspects of the latest techniques and procedures relating to injectables, fillers, skin health and aesthetic medicine to take back to their practices and clinics to implement and enhance their client and patient experience. I even learned what I need to help me look the best I can!

Some of the presentation highlights for us included Dr Bryan Mendelson’s Facial Aging from the structural level, Dr Steven Liew’s Clinical signs of facial aging, Dr Raj Acquilla’s Lip aesthetics presentation where he discussed global trends, Dr Arthur Swift on midface rejuvenation, PLUS the many live demonstrations on facial contouring. We also really loved seeing the Factor 4 team there to talk about how Factor 4 and Lipogems are an increasingly popular more natural option for facial rejuvenation.

Aesthetics 2019

Meeting new and catching up with existing friends.

Also discussed was how fake after photos mislead patients, and we loved learning how patients really need to invest in a few sessions of filler instead of just thinking one lot is sufficient – fillers should have more of a long term maintenance approach. Such a huge range of learnings all relating to facial aging and rejuvenation and I have no doubt that each and every attendee will go back to their clinics armed with a whole lot of practical advice to introduce into their clinics to benefit patients.

Aesthetics 2019As usual we were busy doing interviews and podcasts to follow in the coming weeks. AND we just loved the belle of the ball Alex Pike, reporting for Aesthetics 2019, she’s a legend 🙂

Also, if you want to check out all the social media stories and highlights, go to our Instagram & Facebook stories, and search for #aestheticsau or #aesthetics2019 to see everything that was livestreamed.

Aesthetics 2019Of course we can’t have a conference wrap without mentioning the fabulous Gala Dinner. Walking down the Pink Carpet and into the ballroom with a Strictly Ballroom theme was absolutely spectacular and it set the night for a lot of fun, laughter, networking, connecting and rubbing shoulders with others just as passionate about this fabulous aesthetics industry as we are.

Make sure you check out our IGTV for some of the Strictly Ballroom dancers on the night – they were fantastic to watch. I have to make a special mention to Lisa – OMG this woman is a rockstar – whatever you needed she was there! Thanks for the super-glue Lisa!!

Well done to Dr Steven Liew and his team, all of the behind-the-scenes organisers, and the Sofitel Wentworth for putting on a truly unique and fun-filled event. With such a successful conference, we can’t wait for next year.

PS – Coffee cart guys were awesome and definitely made a great Soy Flat White – I can’t tell you how appreciated this was – it’s not easy to get a good coffee at a conference. Yay for the BonSoy!!


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