Amber Renae loves the sun and even though she’s always taken great care of her skin one day she looked in the mirror and felt like she looked “weathered”. So she decided to do something about it, and had several treatments including the Etherea Erbium Laser, Ultraformer and Aquapure. She looks absolutely AMAZING – you’ve got to check out her before and after pics. I chatted to her about the process.

Trish: Hey listeners. Well I’m here today with the lovely Amber Renae. And Amber Renae has just recently had a big beauty detox from the inside out, or from the outside in. And we gonna have a chat to her today about the different treatments that she had and the results that she’s had so we’ll start off with one of the Etherea Erbium laser treatments that she had and we’ll move on from there. This is a great way to have a beauty overall so welcome Amber.

Amber Renae: Thanks so much for having me Trish. I would love to share with your listeners all about my turn back time transformation, which is what we’ve dubbed … Literally turned back time as you said from though inside and out so let’s chat.

Trish: Awesome. Well I’ve seen photos and you look frigging amazing so let’s go through it. So first of all, what was it that prompted you to get some treatments? How did it come about and what were your main skin concerns to get you on the boat to start having your treatments?

Amber Renae: I guess I’d always taken really good care of my skin in terms of skin products. So I do a daily product and I do some really good facials but it was just getting to the stage where I just … Nothing was really working anymore so I was putting really heavy foundation and make-up on. It wasn’t covering my spots. My wrinkles had run overboard and I just couldn’t really … I just felt old. I looked in the mirror and I thought, “Gosh, you look really old and weathered.” I just had that very weathered appearance. Not gonna lie Trish, I am a sun lover. I do wear sunscreen but I still have a lot of sun damage from the last 20, 30 years of being out in the sun. So I was just kinda getting to the stage where I was going, “Oh, Gosh Amber. You look a little bit weathered. It’s time to do a bit of a overhaul.” So that’s what prompted me to reach out.

Trish: And I reckon when you do look after your skin so well. You’re really aware of when you need a bit more of a zoosh up. So it’s really good to know when that needs to happen, ’cause otherwise it just gets worse and worse. It doesn’t get better.

Amber Renae: Exactly and it’s kind of manageable with the products and the skincare and the facials. Everything just stopped working so I thought, “Ah, I really need to do something about this.” And I just love that there are so many treatments available where you can literally walk in and walk out. There’s very little if any downtime and can these days just have such dramatic results without doing anything invasive. So there was not a single needle or injection or a cut involved in any of my treatments and I literally look five years younger and that’s what I love about all of these treatments.

Trish: Yeah, and you look fresher you know what I mean? Just kind of gives you that glow. You get that glow back.

Amber Renae: I’ve got the glow, everywhere I walk everyone’s like, “Gosh, you’re glowing.’ That’s been the main feedback. So if you wanna know what my main response has been from people, it’s they just go, “God, you’re glowing.” And I’m like, “Yeah, I’ll take that. I’ll take glowing any day of the week.”

Trish: Absolutely, so awesome. So tell me, so how did you find the Etherea Erbium Laser treatment like? What is it? And did it hurt? Give us a bit about that.

Amber Renae: I guess most people would understand what a hair removal treatment is like. So it’s effectively that kind of idea in that it’s a similar kind of laser. However it’s probably a hundred times more painful than that or probably … not painful. Probably just more intense that that. So I didn’t actually feel anything during the treatment Trish, because I had numbing cream on. I got the treatment on my face and my full décolletage and I was completely numbed up. So doing the treatment, it was probably that … It was probably less painful than an underarm hair removal treatment. If that’s a great way for your audience to get an understanding of the analogy of how it would feel. So the actual treatment itself, really didn’t feel a lot. Coming out of the treatment I still had that anaesthetic cream on so I think you’ve got the straight after photos which are pretty scary. I was very red and hot.

And going home, I was okay for the first couple of hours. That anaesthetic cream was still working but that cream started to wear off that night. I slept, I actually took a painkiller that night for the pain and then all … probably every hour I put a very intensive caring cream on. I can’t remember the name of it but they gave me a cream to go home with and I put that on every hour for about the next 48 hours. Not obviously whilst I was sleeping but I put it on quite religiously. So I felt warm. It felt like a very bad sun damage. That’s probably … a sunburn. So you feel warm and you feel hot but it’s not anything like … I didn’t stay in bed or anything like, I got up and I worked for the day. So that was probably the pain. Does that explain it Trish?

Trish: Yes, totally and I’ve seen photos but tell our listeners. So you couldn’t really go out for that day could you? Or did you wear makeup to go out or what did you? Did you just lock yourself up for 48 hours?

Amber Renae: Oh my gosh I couldn’t go out for several days. I got my treatment done Thursday afternoon. On Thursday and Friday I was literally the colour of a tomato so I actually had to fly on one of those days and I covered myself up in a complete scarf and sunglasses. I was like, “Nobody wants to see this.” It was very scary. By the Saturday the redness had gone down and it was sort of like a deep dark brown. That’s probably the best way to describe it and then by Sunday it had certainly subsided. So it wasn’t as as angry. Like the first couple of days it felt very angry. I definitely didn’t wanna go outside but by Sunday it just felt like I had really sun damaged skin. So that was what it looked like and then by Monday the healing had commenced.

I definitely could’ve worn makeup on the Monday and then by the Tuesday I was back at work to normal and wasn’t really bothered about it. There was a lot of peeling. So the healing process, you’re very inflamed and angry for the first few days and then you … your skin actually peels off as it would in a sunburn and it reveals the most baby like skin underneath. It’s completely flawless skin waiting for you to reveal underneath. So once that starts peeling off you’re kind of happy with it. You’re kind of like, “That’s cool, I can go out in public. I’ve got some flaky skin.” But you’re not too worried about it.

So from Thursday night till about Monday was not fit for viewing but then by Tuesday I was okay with it.

Trish: Okay, all right. So you did the Jackie Onassis way. When you did go out you wore your sunny’s and your scarf and you wanna stay out of the sun anyway don’t you? Because that can be a real bad contraindication can’t it?

Amber Renae: Exactly, yeah. So I did feel like a bit of a rock star rolling around in my scarf and glasses, dark glasses all day darling, but I thought, “Look, no one wants to see this and I don’t want anyone … I don’t want the sun on me so.”

Trish: Yeah, yeah totally. So I’ve looked at your photos and I can’t believe the difference between day three and day four. It’s almost like it’s the … The first day’s fine, the next days bad, the third days worst and then all of a sudden it starts … It almost disappeared overnight. It looked like to me.

Amber Renae: I think because, as I said, I was putting that treatment cream on quite heavily so I think I healed very quickly I think, I’m not sure. I’ve got nothing to compare that to. But I was also doing … Like at one stage I was doing a hot bath each night. So I think the hot bath was exfoliating me. You know how you get a bit of exfoliation in a hot bath, so I think that may have helped with sloughing the skin off a bit quicker as well.

Trish: Yeah, of course. It must have too. Tell me, did you have any … They obviously gave some cream. But was there anything like were you told to drink lots of water, eat specific foods, or was it just external?

Amber Renae: Yeah, just external. I mean, I guess it’s a healing process. So you wanna make sure your body is in a mode for being able to heal. But no, what I was told was that it was the external cream for the first few days, and then just the very natural cream after that. So no active products like you bought them in creams and anything like that.

Trish: Okay, so pretty much downtime is just a few days, but you can still do stuff, it’s just that you probably don’t wanna go out and meet people, and go hang at the coffee shop or anything like that for a few days?

Amber Renae: Yeah, that’s right. And I got my treatment on Thursday, so by Friday, I took the Friday off. Saturday and Sunday was fine, and then on Monday I started doing work as normal. It didn’t really affect my business or my life really at all.

Trish: Yeah. And tell me, did the treatment itself take a long time, because I know at the clinic you rock up, they put the numbing cream on, you have to wait, what? An hour, or less than that?

Amber Renae: I think I waited a bit less than that. In the actual treatment, oh gosh, I reckon it would have been less. I think maybe 30 minutes. I could be wrong, because I was sort of under there so I’m not sure. But it goes at the speed again, it would probably go at the speed of an underarm hair removal. So if you’ve done a hair removal, you know how fast that goes. It’s sort of about the same pace as that. It doesn’t take very long. It didn’t feel like it was long. It might have been a different time routine. Didn’t feel like it was a long time.

Trish: And it didn’t hurt, because you had the numbing cream on?

Amber Renae: Yeah, I had the numbing cream on, so it felt warm. I’m not gonna lie, you feel warm during it, so I was going, “Oh, I would like some cooling on there.” But you know how when you’re getting your underarm, and you’re going, “Ouch, got that flicking thing.” It doesn’t really have the flick, it has more the heat to it.

Trish: Okay, got it. So that’s the Etherea Erbium laser, and that was for your face and your décolletage?

Amber Renae: That was yes. And for me that was sun damage Trish. So for me my skin just felt … especially my chest, I had a very leathery handbaggy chest. You know, those women with those leathery handbaggy chest. I was one of those women. For me it was very much targeting sun damage. On my chest in particular, the texture is completely different. So yes, as you can see in the images it has sloughed off all of the old pigmentation, but the texture is just a completely different texture. I used to be that really wrinkly, leathery chest. I just don’t have that anymore. I feel like I’ve got a very youthful appearance to my chest, and obviously my skin on my face is literally flawless. Like I don’t have a pore, I don’t have a wrinkle, it’s literally baby’s bottom skin. So I walk around these days with a BV cream, whereas before the treatment I was a full coverage foundation with heavy concealer. The kind of full coverage with concealer on top of the coverage.

Trish: Yeah, the results are phenomenal. I can’t wait. I know you don’t mind if we’re sharing things. I can’t wait for those pictures ’cause you just look amazing. The before and after is just so phenomenal. It’s like wow.

Amber Renae: Yeah, and it’s huge results. And really something that I’m really, really … I have no hesitation in telling everyone else to go and get this treatment. Because it really feels like something that has reversed … As I said, maybe five years, maybe even longer you know. I can’t remember the last time that my skin looked like this. Easily five years, maybe even ten years ago did I have skin like this. It was a huge, huge result.

Trish: Yeah, yeah. Sounds fantastic. So tell me, you also had the Ultraformer treatment. Can you tell us a little bit about what that is and what’s involved with that one?

Amber Renae: Sure, the Ultraformer is one of my all-time favourite treatments. I had this a couple of times. If anyone’s ever thought about doing sort of an injectable or a filler kind of treatment, but you don’t wanna get needles. These does the same thing with just lasers. It’s a skin tightening and non-surgical face and neck and body lifting treatment. I get such good results, I can’t talk highly enough about the Ultraformer. I absolutely love it. For me this time round I got it on my double chin. If you think about where a double chin might be, they kind of … And it’s like a laser treatment, so you get a zap. They zapped me all along my chin to ablaze some of that fat off my double chin. So you get fat ablation on your double chin, and then also tightens the area as well.

So on my double chin, I now feel like I’ve lost a lot of the fat and then also it has tightened that area of the jawline, which as you know is so hard to tighten. It’s very difficult to tighten that with injectables or anything. I’ve got quite a tight and defined jawline as a result of that treatment. And then the other thing that I actually get quite regularly … Well not regularly, only once a year, maybe twice a year. I actually get a little eye lift. They again do this with the Ultraformer, and again it’s a laser, so if you get … You get the understanding where the laser would be. They zap you, that’s sort of the easiest way if you come try and explain it to somebody who doesn’t know what it looks like. They put these on my eyebrow, and they give me a little browlift, just with laser. So I walk in there with saggy, crepey, droopy eyelids and a droopy brow, and within 10 minutes I’m walking out with a lifted brow, like a brow lift.

Trish: So that’s instant, that’s an instant thing? Is it?

Amber Renae: Instant brow lift, and then the results do improve, because what you’re doing is, you’re stimulating collagen. You can walk out of there noticing a noticeable difference, but over time there’s also improve. I’m about a month out, and again, I look fresher than I looked when I first had the treatment done. I absolutely love this treatment. I think it’s fantastic.

Trish: Wow, and did you had that before you had … What was the time difference between the Etherea Erbium? Was it before or after the Etherea Erbium Laser?

Amber Renae: No, it was after. Etherea Erbium was first, I think it was maybe two or three weeks after. The Etherea Erbium was obviously for the texture and the sun damage. And then the Ultraformer was for the tightening and then the toning and the contouring. That’s where the differences lie with the two treatments. If you’re someone that you feel like, “Oh my skin is really saggy, or I’ve got a droopy jawline, or droopy eyebrows, or I’ve got a double chin.” Then these are the kind of things that you could treat with an Ultraformer. So it’s really all that toning, tightening and lifting.

Trish: That’s awesome. I need it all over my body.

Amber Renae: Oh my gosh. But they do the body with it. They’ve done bodies. I think they can do your love handles, and they can surely do your bingo wings, your arms. It’s a really great treatment. I just can’t speak highly enough of it.

Trish: That’s awesome. And I know that you also have another one, which was the Aquapure treatment. What is that one?

Amber Renae: The Aquapure, I guess again the easiest way to describe it, because people have heard of this treatment before, is like a microdermabrasion. You know how everyone knows what that is. That’s the easiest way to explain it to somebody who doesn’t know, but this one is using … this one is a Hydra dermabrasion. It’s kinda like a hydrafacial. I guess this treatment would be really great. It’s like a facial, but on steroids. You know we all gone and got facials before, and they kind of work, they kind of clean your skin, and you feel a bit younger for a day or two, but the results don’t last. This is like the facial on steroids. You get really beautiful clear skin, you feel very hydrated. I was walking around for the next week or so, touching my skin, going, “Gosh, you’re very plump Amber, you’re really plump.” So I felt very plump after, shockingly plump. I kept walking around touching my face, going wow, you’re really plump.

It’s a very plumping treatment, so for me I feel if I had a great event, or a wedding, or a fun night that I wanted to look really fresh for, that’s what I would use the Aquapure for. And again, that’s just like a facial. You actually walk in, you walk out. There’s no downtime, it’s a pleasant treatment to get, there’s no numbing cream or anything like that. It feels very nice on your skin. And it sort of works on dehydration. Works on any oily or congest pores, which I didn’t have because obviously I just had the Erbium. But you know, it have been a dehydration. It also works on fine lines and wrinkles which again wasn’t a real thing for me. But it really left my skin very plump and hydrated, which was a big thing for me, because obviously my skin has been through a bit by that stage.

It felt nice to just put a bit of plumping and hydrating in, just to give it that youthful appearance.

Trish: Yeah, ’cause it doesn’t hurt at all. It’s a relaxing facial, and so they go through the little dermabrasion first, and then they do these different steps where they infuse stuff into your skin, and you look plump, so that makes you feel like you said … It makes you feel juicy.

Amber Renae: Yeah, that’s right. And it will be great if you had acne. I reckon this would be really great acne treatment as well. And you could get these regularly. If you were doing facials, or you’re looking to do some really high quality facials. I reckon you could get these on a regular and it could be really great regular treatment to get.

Trish: I reckon it’s like a facial on steroids. Just like the results after just something like that. It doesn’t even hurt, and doesn’t have any downtime whatsoever. It can just be phenomenal. I totally get it. I was just gonna ask you, with those treatments, with the Aquapure, is that before or after the other treatments. Was that the third and final thing, or was that before or-

Amber Renae: That was my third treatment. That was after, obviously the Etherea Erbium was quite … You know, we removed a lot of skin on the Etherea Erbium, and then we toned it and tightened it with the Ultraformer, and then we went in and plumped it and hydrated it with the Aquapure.

Trish: Awesome. Was it recommended that you have all three treatments as part of your overall beauty detox? ‘Cause I know one thing works well, but then when you can combine it with something else, and something else that kind of instead of making it three times better, it can make it 10 times better just ’cause you’ve done the three processes together.

Amber Renae: Exactly. It’s sort of adding all these layers, and then one layer works on the other, and it amplifies the results of the other treatment. As I said already, I looked like a completely different human being as a result of getting all three treatments. And they all work on quite vastly different parts of the skin as well. So I guess it does depend on what is really troubling you with your skin. And I know with me, we had a really big discussion around well. I said, “I’ve got this back sun damage, and I feel like I’m really droopy in the eyelid, and I feel my skin is very dry. And we’ll have that, we can put all three together, and really work on all of your problems. That was where the whole treatment plan came about to me.

Trish: Yeah. Are these gonna be a part of your regular beauty routine? Is this something that you do regularly, or is the Erbium just a one off thing, or should you top up every so often. Or you’ll probably know when your skin needs to have it done again, because you’ll be like, “Ooh, I reckon I could go again.” Or is it just a thing?

Amber Renae: I definitely think I would go again, but I can’t imagine how long it would take before my skin was ready for another go. My skin right now is flawless. I do not need anything right now, I’m so flawless right now. And also what’s great right now, is that I’m so motivated to not get back to where I was. I’m hoping that I don’t need to get back to the stage where I need another Etherea Erbium. But look, if I do it maybe in another five years, because it was really good with wrinkles, and also really good with pores which you know, that’s inevitable. That’s not sun damage, that’s life. I guess there is gonna be a point in my life where I do need to get back to the Etherea Erbium, maybe in another couple of years time.

With Ultraformer I go back at least once a year, maybe twice. I’ve just absolutely am obsessed with the treatment. Every time I go in, I put another little area that they can zap away, or tone or tighten for me, so I’m obsessed with the Ultraformer. I’ll go back as often as I need. And Aquapure, I reckon for me I would probably do it during events. If I know I’ve got a beautiful evening coming up, or a nice day where I wanna look really youthfully. Or I just wanna treat myselfs. Because honestly, I was walking around afterwards for about a week, touching my skin going, “Gosh, you’re so plump Amber. You look so plump.” It was a really nice feeling to have.

‘Cause it feels very youthful, and you’re like, I’m so youthful right now.

Trish: And I think it’s one of those things that it’s part of maintenance, and it’s what you decide to do as your maintenance, because I know that a lot of us don’t like injectables and fillers and stuff like that. So this is a way of maintaining a little bit of maintenance and youthfulness without putting stuff in your bodies. Kind of fixing what’s already there, because we do live in a pretty harsh environment, and we do do things to our body and our skin, so it’s a kind of way of rejuvenating in a national way I guess.

Amber Renae: Exactly. And what I loved about all these treatments is that they cause the body to start stimulating and start recovery. So it actually causes recovery, so I’m only gonna get better and better for the next … I don’t know for how long, but my skin is now triggering collagen production. My skin is now untightening as a result of the Ultraformer. So it’s actually going to improve over time as a result of these treatments, whereas you know, if you’ve done something like injectables, once that weighs off your back, if not worse than you were before. Whereas my skin is only gonna get better and better as a result of the treatments.

Trish: Yeah, no that’s right. ‘Cause you see them all the time now. People now and then, 5 and 10 years later, and they look better now.

Amber Renae: They did 10 years ago, you know … I feel like that myself sometimes. It’s great, I love it.

Trish: Would you recommend any or all of these treatments to friends and family? It sounds like it’s a win win without a doubt.

Amber Renae: I’ve been telling everyone about these. I’ve been talking about the Ultraformer for a couple of years now, it’s my absolute favourite treatment ever. And now the Erbium, I’m like wow, it just makes such a huge difference in my skin. I would have no hesitation in recommending all of these treatments.

And hey, if you can layer them up, you’re just gonna get double or triple the results like I have. So definitely working on a treatment plan like I do. So a turn back time transformation might be right for you.

Trish: Now that sounds fantastic. Thank you so much Amber for joining us tonight, it’s been so interesting and I know that you wasted time out of your busy schedule. I really, really appreciate it, and I’m sure our listeners will as well, ’cause it’s nice to hear from someone who’s had stuff done back to back. It’s just so good to hear.

Amber Renae: My pleasure. I’m happy to share my results because as you’ve seen it, they’ve been so transformative, and I’m just so, so grateful that I was able to get all the treatments done. And I’m just really happy with all of the results. More than happy to share my story.

Trish: Awesome. Well thank you so much Amber.

Amber Renae: Thanks Trishi. Thanks a lot.

Trish: Thanks Amber. And listeners, if you’re out there and you’re looking to have these treatments done. If you wanna find a practitioner who does it, and it’s just a bit hard to find online sometimes, just drop me an email to


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