Trish: So I’m here today with Amelia. Amelia is transgender and today is the day that she’s having her breast augmentation so it’s a massive day for her today. So I just want you to introduce to Amelia and she can tell us a little bit about what is happening today.

Amelia Post OpTrish: So, Amelia, are you excited?

Amelia: Yes! I’m over the moon.

Trish: Fantastic!

Amelia: I’m nervous but I’m excited. It’s a long time coming.

Trish: Great. So tell us what are you actually having done today?

Amelia: So today I’m having a breast augmentation. I’m having 520cc high profile over the muscle – silicone cohesive gel; and I’m also having a little bit of lip filler as well.

Trish: How important is this on your journey?

Amelia: Oh my goodness, it’s so important. So for me, I’ve been planning to get my boobs done since I was 16, probably like a lot of girls. But for me it’s so important with part of my transition it’s helping me with my confidence. It’s helping me feel more womanly. I’m a curvy girl. And I’ve only got curves on the lower half of my body. I want the curves up top.

Trish: Sure, totally. Well, what we’re going to do; we’re going to be sharing this journey with Amelia today so we are about to go in now.

Amelia: Yes!

Trish: Very exciting. We’ll catch you in a minute.

Amelia: Yay!


Amelia: I’m feeling really good. I feel really tired. And I feel really tight. But I feel really good; I’m excited to see how it all looks.

Trish: I’m here today with Dr Ali Hussain who practices in Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sydney as well.

Trish: So, thank you so much. You just done Amelia’s surgery; she’s just had breast augmentation.

Dr Hussain: Yes.

Trish: So Amelia’s transgender so obviously it’s different to a regular breast augmentation. So what’s the difference between the usual breast augmentation that you perform compared to what you performed today with the Amelia?

Dr Hussain: The skin is not that stretchable which obviously you have in a female so that’s one of the things which you need to take into consideration more deciding on the size what you have to do. In a transgender, the inframmamary crease where the implant sits is not well defined as well. So in the surgery you need to redefine the inframmamary crease; you have to create that to give a good shape of the breast to the patient. I had training from UK and I’ve seen quite few transgender seeking this operation and I just start at the first procedure to be looking more feminine.

Trish: Great. Well, thank you so much for taking time today.

Trish: So if you’d like to see Dr Ali Hussain, you can drop us an email at [email protected] or click below this link. Thank you so much for taking time to talk to us today.

Dr Hussain: Thank you.

Trish is a plastic surgery blogger. She is passionate about wellbeing, health and beauty, and doesn't mind a little bit of 'help' from the amazing cosmetic and beauty procedures that are available today. Trish spends her days talking to women and men who are looking for suggestions and advice on procedures that are available to them. Cutting through the sales pitch and hype, a down-to-earth response on general information is what you will get.

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