One of the more popular real stories we did earlier this year was from Angel, a nurse from Sydney who hated her tattoos but had seemingly found a way to get rid of them through the Enlighten technology. Angel was thrilled with her first round of treatment from Enlighten and had found the results were even better than what she expected; and better than the results her friends had been getting through other methods of tattoo removal. See Angel’s original story here.

We wanted to catch up with Angel to see how her tattoos were looking now after her second Enlighten treatment, and to see how she felt about the results.

When we saw the photos of Angel’s tattoo that she provided us after her second round of Enlighten (that’s right, just TWO treatments with the Enlighten laser tattoo removal technology), we were blown away… astounded, actually. We have heard that Enlighten was getting some great results, which is why we have them listed on our website, but to see Angel’s photos we couldn’t really believe it. So often we see photos provided by the distributors of these machines and technologies but to see the results via someone independent is just awesome and exciting!

Enlighten Tattoo Removal

We asked Angel how her second treatment had gone. “I’m obviously really stoked with how they are looking. I didn’t expect it to be so easy. I was excited and really, really happy with the way they were looking after the first treatment but the second treatment, like the first, has exceeded all my expectations. I mentioned in my story the first time that my results were so much better than my friend who had had a totally different treatment (not the Cutera Enlighten) and she’d had like 13 treatments… and her tattoo was still not looking as faded and good as mine. Well, after the second treatment, no one can believe just how amazing mine looks. It’s almost gone!”

We have to agree Angel. Your tattoo is barely there! Two treatments? We wouldn’t believe it if we didn’t know it was true!!

We asked her how the pain factor was this time around. “You know, it does sort of get hot, but as I mentioned last time, it’s not nearly as painful as getting the tattoo, and because I knew the results were SO going to be worth it, it was really not uncomfortable at all. Anyone who got a tattoo in the first place will have no problems dealing with the tiny bit of pain associated with having it removed!”

We think the photos speak for themselves. If you have a tattoo and have been trying to find an effective (as in, really effective!) way to have it removed, you can find out more about the Cutera Enlighten in their listing on our website here.


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