We’d like to put a spotlight on APAN this week; the Aesthetics Practitioners Advisory Network – an independent professional body working to increase industry standards, recognition and integrity. One of their main aims is to facilitate a best practice for practitioners and clinics, and look at the most practical ways to move such a progressive and ever-changing industry forward.

APAN represent the industry as a whole and base that representation on the needs and wants of their members who are made up of practitioners, clinics, nurses, beauty therapists, industry suppliers and other Aesthetics Industry professionals. APAN communicate industry needs to the government, identify ways to improve the skills and knowledge of the aesthetics professional through formal education, establish strategic alliances for their members and support and hold conferences, courses, workshops, expos and programs throughout the year to inform, educate and bring together the industry. They are certainly a driving force in the industry, and President and CEO Tina Viney is a really dynamic and knowledgeable woman at the helm. Tina has been an invaluable source of information for the Hub, and we wanted to acknowledge APAN and make sure all of you, especially those in the industry, were aware of the important work APAN do.

Tina Viney

Tina Viney

APAN have recently established a new industry specialist trademark for Aesthetics Practitioners in order to identify the essential distinction between a regular beauty therapist, and those who have specialist skills whether it be dermal therapies such as laser or IPL or cosmetic nursing. Practitioners can can now apply for this industry classification: APAN Registered Aesthetics Practitioner (ARAP). This classification will assist you to be better recognised throughout the industry including the new professional category with the Government and other regulatory bodies.

We would suggest it is worthwhile for any industry professionals to be a member of APAN. They have several member benefits and it is certainly in your best interests to contribute to such a hard working team of people looking to pave a clearer and more respected path for any of us working in the Aesthetics Industry. If you’d like to see more about APAN and what they do, you can also attend one of their extremely informative conferences. I’ll be at the Brisbane one on Sunday.

APAN’s Conference Dates for 2016 are:
22 May Brisbane
26 June Sydney
23 October Perth

For more information on APAN and the great work they do; or if you’d like to look at becoming a member, you can check out their website here.


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