The Aesthetics Practitioners Advisory Network Pty Ltd (APAN)’s Brisbane conference held in Brisbane on Sunday, 31 May was a terrific chance to catch up and network with industry professionals and hear some insightful presentations by some speakers well immersed in the aesthetics industry.

APAN BrisbaneWith so much media coverage with regards to non-invasive treatments and practitioners and the increasing need for industry regulation, I was extremely interested to see what topics were at the forefront of the conference.

One of the main themes I noticed running throughout the day was our need to stay informed with not only the latest technological advancements and capabilities, but also keeping up to date with the educational and legislative changes that are happening in the aesthetic industry.

The expectations of consumers is changing not only with the younger generations and their new attitudes towards appearance and beauty, but with so many different lasers, injectables and non-invasive techniques for appearance enhancement on the market we need to keep up with what clients are looking for, the latest technologies, and the standards and regulations that are progressing. APAN BrisbaneIt is definitely a period of “less is more” for the consumers, we want to retain our youthful looks with less time and money spent on achieving those results, not to mention it being less obvious we’ve even had work done! There is a shift to an emphasis on more natural looking results. There is also an increase in younger clients starting to “maintain” their looks earlier in their youth.

There were presentations on why clinics and practitioners keeping up with the Y and X generations is extremely important for any business to succeed, not only from a consumer standpoint, but from an employment and business growth perspective.

Once again APAN delivered on informing and inspiring us in this ever-changing and evolving industry and I enjoyed every moment.

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