The Aesthetics Practitioners Advisory Network (APAN) is well known for their informative and industry-relevant conferences and their biggest of the year is coming up in Melbourne on Sunday, 18 October 2015 at the Pullman Albert Park. The focus for this conference is “Mastering the Business of Aesthetics” and if ever you wondered if you should attend one of these events, the time has never been more right.

It has been a massive year for the aesthetics industry in the media, with all the talk surrounding changing regulations of the industry, concerns regarding anaesthetics, practitioner qualifications and training, and not to mention all the new technologies and treatments on the market. It is hard enough for those of us in the industry to keep up, let alone the general public.

Whether you are working in the industry or not, this next APAN Conference is guaranteed to be an interesting one. With speakers such as Tina Viney, CEO of APAN and an active member of Working Groups responsible for drafting of regulations, the topics and discussions are bound to be informative and never more important.

There will be speakers discussing strategies on how to grow your business in the aesthetics industry, safety and risk assessments in anaesthetics (if you have been watching the news lately you will know what a current public concern this is for the industry) and much more. One of the best things about these events though is the networking and the conversations you have during the fully catered event.

There is no doubt anyone attending this APAN event will walk away with so much information to digest, and indeed will have been part of a gathering of high quality, educational topics with the latest industry news and practical business strategies to build and better your business to cope with the growing demands in this fast-growing industry. We fully recommend you have a look at their website to find out more and to make your booking today, so you can be a part of this leading non-surgical industry event.


Trish is a plastic surgery blogger. She is passionate about wellbeing, health and beauty, and doesn't mind a little bit of 'help' from the amazing cosmetic and beauty procedures that are available today. Trish spends her days talking to women and men who are looking for suggestions and advice on procedures that are available to them. Cutting through the sales pitch and hype, a down-to-earth response on general information is what you will get.

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