Check out this interview I did with Lisa Markle from Restoration Robotics, who are responsible for the revolutionary ARTAS iX hair restoration system.

ARTAS iX™ Robotic Hair Restoration System has been introduced as the world’s first intelligent hair restoration platform that utilizes state-of-the-art robotic and AI technology. ARTAS offers efficient, precise and repeatable “harvesting with simultaneous recipient site making and implantation functionality in a single, compact platform. ARTAS continuously enhances both physician and patient experience and satisfaction, as evidenced by an average “Worth It” rating of 96% on”

The ARTAS iX™ Robotic Hair Restoration technology is available in Australia, now through Venus Concept.   Using AI (artificial intelligence) algorithms the ARTAS iX works by identifying and selecting your prime hairs for harvesting, whilst maintaining the appearance of your donor area. This is all performed under the control of your physician, and delivers personalised treatment for each patient. The results are astounding. The ARTAS iX is able to give more precise and consistent results than any physician is able to, and for those suffering from hair loss, the ARTAS iX is life-changing.

ARTAS iX is getting results previously unseen from any hair restoration treatment. If you or anyone you know suffers from hair loss don’t miss this podcast.

To find out more about ARTAS iX and to see some amazing before and after pics head over to the Venue Concept website.


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