Well, the ASAPS conference is over for another year and as expected, it was a spectacular event with everyone there, and something for everyone. After a 25 hour flight from Banff Canada arrive into Brisbane at 7am, I went straight to my hotel for a quick shower and a shot of coffee, and headed straight into the conference. I didn’t want to miss a thing. Before I continue I would like to make a disclaimer that not everyone who should have been included has been included here – sorry!


It was great to see Dr Mansoor Mirkazemi (on the right) back in action at the conference! Here with

The ASAPS attendance list always reads like a who’s who of the Australian surgical aesthetics industry and the 42nd ASAPS didn’t disappoint. It was so great to see Dr Mansoor Mirkazemi there looking healthy, happy and terrific. Before I get into the nitty gritty about why we’re there, I just want to do a big shoutout to the amazing event organising team The Production House Events, our great videos and photography team Clinical Imaging, and ASAPS President Dr Naveen Somia and ASAPS Scientific Convenor Dr Amira Sanki, and that’s just some of those responsible for organising and putting together this 42nd annual ASAPS event, and they honestly get better every year.

The calibre of speakers and attendees, the workshops, the industry displays, the professional set-up from the very beginning to the end and of course, one of the highlights is always the Gala Ball! Being from Byron Bay one of the funnest things to do is dress up and I seriously felt so underdressed in my best dress LOL!

ASAPS 2019

Me and Dr Jack Zoumaras from Artiste Plastic Surgery in Sydney was one of the speakers

I want to make special mention of one of the International Speakers Dr Sam Hamra, American Plastic Surgeon and one of the masters and ‘grandfathers’ of the plastic surgery industry. Dr Hamra announced his retirement earlier this year and while we were all sad to be losing the Creator of the Composite Facelift and one of the earlier pioneers of cosmetic plastic surgery, we were reminded how far this industry has come and that we have some truly talented and dedicated newer surgeons making a name for themselves on the international stage. Surgeons such as Dr Jack Zoumaras and while it was his first time speaking at ASAPS, I suspect it won’t be his last. Speaking on facelift techniques, both these surgeons – older and newer – highlighted their passion and superior knowledge on facial surgery and it almost felt as though a baton was being passed.

Of course, we already have some truly ground-breaking and internationally recognised surgeons in Australia, including Dr Bryan Mendelson who was recognised and honoured as an Icon of Australian and indeed the World Plastic Surgery Industry at the 20th MAFACS and ISAPS conferences coordinated especially to coincide with ASAPS, held in the days prior to ASAPS also in Brisbane. Dr Mendelson’s contributions to facial plastic surgery in Australia and internationally has paved the way for many a facial surgeon and continues to do so. Dr Mendelson is absolutely considered one of Australia’s most prominent Plastic Surgeons and rightly so. We love Dr Mendelson and his dedication to improving patient outcomes for facial surgery, and without him we may not have the understanding of facial anatomy that we do today.

ASAPS 2019

Kirsty and I thought the view from the Sofitel Brisbane was spectacular at night 🙂

Special mention to Dr Brad Calabrace who led the ASAPS Aesthetic Breast Course on Friday and another presentation on Saturday on the current approaches and implant selection in breast augmentation. Dr Calabrace also spoke about marketing and management of Aesthetic Practices which was also covered with a Business Management Session tour to Valley Plastic Surgery in Brisbane, home to Dr Raymond Goh and Dr Matthew Peters, a highlight for many at the conference. While I didn’t get to go on this tour, I am a regular visitor to Valley Plastic Surgery and it is an excellent example of a highly respected and efficient aesthetic practice.

Another high respected and efficient aesthetic practice and team is Dr Nicholas Moncrieff and his wife Amber Moncrieff at Hunter Plastic Surgery. These guys and their team are absolutely amazing and the patient results they produce are some of the best in Australia. Giving an awesome presentation on the benefits and difficulties of an aesthetic practice in today’s environment, these guys know their stuff. Oh and how can I not mention Brooke Staughton from Cosmetic Surgery For Women in Melbourne – I just love love loved her talk!

I also have to mention the amazing presentations we heard from Dr Michael Miroshnik – always mesmerising with his passion and knowledge for breast augmentation, possible complications and how to avoid them. I’ll be following this up with a couple of blog posts about them, so stay tuned!

Andy from J&J and I at the Mentor “Empowered Choice” display

One of the things that I just love at these conferences is the chance to see our surgeons and clinics’ focus on patient safety. Throughout the conference there were several discussions and references to ALCL and implant safety, with Dr Mark Magnusson and Dr Tim Papadopoulous giving especially informative and interesting talks on ALCL and what the industry and surgeons are doing to keep patients safe.

Interplast, a charity providing plastic surgery to under-privileged children in Asian countries where access to plastic surgery is not always a given, were represented at ASAPS and we heard about their week-long initiative coming up in early 2020. We were so inspired by their action to change lives (we regularly post Interplast stories here at the Hub) that we will be joining with them to help promote their initiative and will also have more on this in the coming months.

We learned about another initiative at the conference by Mentor called #empoweredchoice. Did you know that over 11,000 mastectomies are performed on women in Australia every year, but less than 2 out of 10 mastectomy patients in Australia get their breasts restored. Mentor are leading an initiative to change this – we encourage all of you to check this out on Instagram and Facebook.

Last but not least, a BIG SHOUTOUT to the band of plastic surgeons, and yes I mean musical band, who entertained us with some fantastic tunes that we could dance the night away to. Not only masters with their surgical instruments, but great with their musical instruments too.

Phew, what a conference, can’t want for #43! Big congratulations ASAPS, this is what true aesthetic plastic surgery is all about.


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