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Specialist Plastic Surgeons from all over the world will be gathering in New Zealand this weekend when the highly anticipated annual 41st ASAPS conference is held in Auckland between 2 and 5 August. This year’s gathering will highlight Patient Safety, with the hope that a convergence of leading authorities can strengthen their resolve to put a halt to the growing number of rogue practitioners lowering the standards and safety of the aesthetics industry.

Image courtesy of Clinical Imaging

Recent years has seen an unprecedented growth in the aesthetics arena, with a scary number of unqualified and untrained practitioners taking advantage of unsuspecting consumers. Dr Naveen Somia, ASAPS Vice President and Chair of Education says in the ASAPS Press Release, “There has been a deliberate, and concerning, lowering of the medical standards surrounding cosmetic procedures by unscrupulous practitioners, preying on the vulnerabilities of patients who are looking for quick-fix solutions. What we would envisage seeing in today’s world a very high standard in training, facilities and infection control but sadly some of the cheap providers feel it is acceptable to compromise on safety to maximise profits.”

Image courtesy of Clinical Imaging

The 2018 ASAPS Conference promises to be one of it’s best yet, with another exciting program and impressive local and international keynote speakers such as Dr Jay Calvert and Dr Foad Nahai from the US, along with Dr Kotaro Yoshimura from Japan, Dr Nimrod Friedman from Israel, Dr Emmanuel Delay from France and our own Dr Naveen Somia.

Everything from facial surgery techniques to complementary non-surgical treatments, blepharoplasty to rhinoplasty, breast surgery techniques to building a better business and looking after your staff will be discussed, with the usual host of informative and practical workshops will keep every attendee engaged… not to mention the coveted social events and chance to network with some of the greatest minds in the aesthetics industry.

The ASAPS Conferences are renowned for being the go-to industry event of the year and many of Australia’s leading plastic surgeons will be in attendance, contributing to an effort to increase awareness of the urgent need for a refocus onto patient safety.


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