Associate Professor Mark Gianoutsos is a Specialist Plastic Surgeon based in Sydney. He answers all our questions about facelifts and necklifts. Assoc. Prof. Gianoutsos explains how there are many different age groups and demographics that undergo these procedures for many different reasons but for most patients it’s about getting a refreshed appearance and reducing the signs of ageing.

Some of the questions Assoc. Prof. Gianoutsos answers include:

Is there a specific demographic that facelifts are for? Who has facelifts or necklifts?
Can a facelift be performed as a day surgery?
What is the facelift recovery like?
Will you have scars?
Will your results look natural?

To know more about facelifts and necklifts, Assoc. Prof. Gianoutsos’ Plastic Surgical Practice is located at Suite Number 1 in the Private Consulting Suites at the Prince of Wales Private Hospital, Randwick. To learn more about him you can check out these blogs and articles or visit his website.

Dr Mark Gianoutsos on Facelifts and Necklifts

Assoc. Prof. Gianoutsos with a patient

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