We are extremely lucky here in Australia to have some of the world’s best plastic surgeons at our doorstep. One of these, Dr Bryan Mendelson, Specialist Plastic Surgeon based in Toorak, VIC is regularly invited to attend local and international conferences to share his knowledge, techniques and wisdom with other plastic surgeons and at the end of last year he attended the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons’ (ISAPS) 24th Biennial Congress held in Miami in the US.

Australia’s premier facelift surgeon, author of “In Your Face” and surgeon to the surgeons, Dr Mendelson is the only Australian Plastic Surgeon ever requested to host a Facelift Masterclass at the ISAPS congress, and he also hosted a Cadaver Dissection Facelift Demonstration. Known as the greatest aesthetic education gathering on earth, the ISAPS yearly congress is attended by a who’s who of the international plastic surgeon world and Dr Mendelson was privileged to be among those to present and teach the attendees including many famous celebrity surgeons.



Dr Mendelson’s cutting edge techniques and understanding of the human anatomy are unrivalled and his face and neck lift results are amazing. I’ve caught up with Dr Mendelson a few times over the years and he told me that the best results are the most natural ones. He says, “The difference between a high-quality facelift and an ordinary facelift – there are several components. One is, and the most important overall thing is that it doesn’t look as though the person’s had a facelift. They just look fresh… well for their age. That’s not so easy to obtain because there is a tendency to overdo pulling, for example. The public think they can always pick a facelift. The reality is nearly all the patients that I do a facelift on will say, “You know what? No one has picked that I’ve had the facelift.” I’ll say, “Well, do they give you a compliment?” “Oh, they will say I’m looking well.” That’s really the best compliment you can have.”

The author of over 50 scientific papers and over 100 presentations delivered to industry professionals in cities all over the world, Dr Mendelson’s original research into facial ageing was recognised by the premier anatomy book, Gray’s Anatomy. Dr Mendelson says understanding facial anatomy is essential for any surgeon to get a quality facelift result. “Facial ageing occurs because of the loosening of muscles and tissues beneath the skin in the deeper layers.Tightening the skin will only be a temporary solution and is often noticeable and appears “forced”. The change has to be performed at a deeper level.”

I’ve always said that when the time comes I’ll have a facelift. My only concern has ever been that I don’t want to look different, just a little younger, as though I’ve turned the clock back a few years… got rid of a few wrinkles, and those jowls, and the neck sags. I also want a discreet surgeon; one who I can see who does such a fabulous job that when my friends and family see me they don’t automatically know I’ve had a face or neck lift.

If you’d like to know more about Dr Mendelson check out his listing, or his website here. If you’d like to arrange a consultation we can help with that… just click here. To read more about Dr Mendelson check out the blogs below:

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