With over ⅔ of Australians said to be obese or morbidly obese at some stage in their lives, this also means there are a huge number of us losing massive amounts of weight. Shedding the weight is not just awesome for our health and life expectancy, but for our self esteem and confidence. One of the downsides is that many of us are left with sagging skin. After making such a huge effort to get rid of the fat, we want to be able to show off our new bods and wear singlet tops (isn’t that an Aussie institution or something?). One of the most common fallouts of losing weight is batwings, tuckshop arms, bingo wings… Get rid of them!!

Dr Jeremy Hunt

Dr Jeremy Hunt

Dr Jeremy Hunt is often seen in the media. He is a recognised and highly respected Australian plastic surgeon and has a plethora of happy patients. He was recently on the Channel 9 Morning Show (Monday, 6 Feb) speaking about this very issue of batwing arms. Whilst there is a very effective surgery, brachioplasty, to get rid of saggy skin underneath the arms, one of the most frequent questions Dr Hunt gets asked is about the scars involved. It’s a surgery that many patient want to have but are concerned with the scarring left, especially when it’s in such an obvious spot. However, Dr Hunt says, “They are designed to be hidden so people don’t notice them when you are out in public… For these patients that’s a tradeoff they happily pay for the freedom it gives them and it really unburdens them of something that really does limit what they can enjoy.”

What about liposuction?

Liposuction is great for the right patients. Liposuction gets rid of pockets of fat but won’t remove large amounts of loose skin. The only way to do this is to have surgery. Dr Hunt explains, “Liposuction relies on the skin being able to spring back into place. So for younger patients liposuction is a great option but for older patients, or weight loss patients, we really need to remove that extra skin.”

Brachioplasty can change your life

One of Dr Hunt’s patients, Susan, says her arm surgery with Dr Hunt changed her life. When she lost her weight she still always wore a cardigan or long sleeved shirt to hide the excess skin left on her arms. She was embarrassed and it affected her life hugely, in ways her family and friends couldn’t possibly understand. When she finally got the confidence to see Dr Hunt she says was impressed by his manner and ability to reassure her that she was doing the right thing that she wanted the surgery yesterday! She says he was so warm and personable and not so clinical as a lot of other surgeons can be. Now that she’s had the surgery, “I’m a completely different person in terms of my self esteem and self confidence and body image.” Susan says it’s a hugely emotional thing for her and anyone who’s had a similar story they will understand. She says she didn’t just lose the physical weight, but the emotional one as well.

Susan's Brachioplasty

“To have struggled with my body image my entire life and to now to be able to look in the mirror and to actually be proud of what I see… to wear a shirt with no sleeves. I would never have dreamed of even owning anything that didn’t have sleeves and now half my wardrobe is sleeveless or singlet tops.”

Susan's BrachioplastyWe absolutely agree that Susan looks great. Her arms look simply amazing – her before and after photos speak for themselves. Not only that, you can hardly see her scars. She says, “The scarring is so minimal now and it’s only been 15 months.”

If you’d like more information on Dr Hunt you can read more about him here, or if you would like to arrange a consultation to talk about brachioplasty or any other plastic surgery procedure you may be considering give his clinic a call on 02 9327 1733.

To read more about brachioplasty and what’s involved in the actual procedure check out this blog or you might like to watch Trish’s interview with Dr Jeremy Hunt.


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