ENRICH Dermatology Cosmetic Clinic in Melbourne are experts in eye rejuvenation. They have become so good at addressing the area around the eyes that they have created a program specifically for tightening, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, reducing puffiness, minimising those cheeky dark circles around our eyes and turning back the clock a few years so we look as good as we feel (or better!).

Options – Surgical or Non-Surgical

Beautiful Eye ProgramENRICH Clinic offer blepharoplasty, or eye surgery, to lift sagging upper eyelids which can also increase vision, however they also offer a wide range of non-surgical treatments to give you the effect of having a total eye area rejuvenation.

“One of our favourite blepharoplasty-type tools is a laser, which works well to tighten skin by addressing both deeper layers and superficial layers. New collagen is generated on the inside tissue, while fine lines and wrinkles can be reduced on the outside. Any pigmentation can also be removed.

“Visible tightening and lifting, particularly around the eye area, is one of laser’s greatest advantages. The beauty of laser for blepharoplasty treatments is that treatments continue to improve the area over a six to twelve month period.”

Anti-wrinkle injections are also a great option for smoothing out those fine lines that love to hang out around our eyes! They work as a muscle relaxant to prevent further creasing of the skin and ENRICH tell us this can help in an overall strategy to improve the look of the eye area, including the upper eyelids.

Beautiful Eye ProgramAnti-wrinkle injections work to relax the muscles that cause scrunching or squinting, and thus contribute to skin losing elasticity faster than it might otherwise. For example, our cheeks – which do not scrunch – do not get fine lines and wrinkles anywhere near as easily as the area around our mouths and eyes, which do a lot of scrunching with daily activities.
The action of anti-wrinkle injections is reasonably short, between three and five months, in ‘high action’ areas like around the eyes, so repeat treatments are necessary.”

Getting rid of the bags

Bags, or puffiness under the eyelids can make you look tired all the time, even if you aren’t feeling that way. ENRICH explain. “The lower eyelid contains a pocket of fat that normally sits behind the eye, however as we age, the tissue that holds this in place can be weakened, allowing this fat pocket to protrude forward. This is typically genetic, so there wasn’t anything you could have done differently; if you look at your parents and grandparents, you’ll notice the tendency on at least one side of the family.”

Beautiful Eye ProgramENRICH also use ultrasound technology with the Ultraformer, and radiofrequency with the Thermi RF to provide total lifting and smoothing of those fine lines and wrinkles. This whole platform approach is what makes them so successful to create individual plans to suit each patient.

ENRICH Dermatology will discuss all these options, and more, to create a tailor made eye rejuvenation package for you. If you’d like more information check out their listing, or give them a call on to arrange a consultation. You can also read more on ENRICH and the devices, technologies and treatments ENRICH use in the blogs below:

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