Preferences for what is more beautiful changes as often as the tides. One minute it’s the natural, blonde, beachy look – the next it’s a more exotic, darker complexion. While these are just fads, it can be argued that beauty generally has a formula. No matter what part of the world you come from – Europe, Africa, Russia, Australia or anywhere else, we are all generally more attracted to faces that are proportional and symmetrical, no matter what the colour, race or shoe size. We take a look at what makes a beautiful face – it’s all in the balance.

Dr George Marcells

Dr George Marcells

There’s no one better to ask about what makes a face more beautiful than Dr George Marcells, ENT and Cosmetic Surgeon based in Bondi Junction. He is considered a master of rhinoplasty and one of Australia’s premier facial plastic surgeons. He believes facial cosmetic surgery should be all about tailoring natural looking and well-proportioned results to the individual.

Why are proportions, symmetry and balance so significant?

Human nature generally makes us attracted to someone based on our subconscious (or conscious) evaluation of a potential mate to provide us with healthy, fit, offspring. This process is called “natural selection” and it applies to all animals, including humans. Favourable traits (including appearance) in the opposite sex appeal to our more basic natures, whether you like the idea or not.

Symmetry, balance and a well proportioned face is generally associated with good genes, and scientific experiments have also discovered that an attractive face activates a “reward” centre in the brain. It has also been found that characteristics of attraction can be connected to males looking more masculine, and females looking more feminine. Specific facial characteristics that go against this idea generally make someone unattractive, eg. a hugely prominent chin in a female goes against our idea of a smaller chin in females being attractive, and a larger chin reserved for good looking, strong males.

Of course, there are other factors that make someone attractive to us, such as personality and some studies even suggest we are more attracted to someone with similar features to ourselves, but generally speaking, it’s all about proportions and balance. Not many of us are naturally attracted to a huge, oversized nose, or thin, non-existent lips. Most of us would prefer a well proportioned nose with fuller lips. Having said this, there are exceptions to the rule. Some people considered “beautiful” have large noses or thinner lips, but you will usually find they are in proportion and harmony with the rest of their face, and even contribute to them being unique.

Dr Marcells is able to identify exactly what suits you as an individual using advanced photo imaging and says it’s all about enhancing individual facial features. “With the use of photo imaging I sit with my patients and morph images in line with what I can see will suit and enhance a person’s individual facial features.” Dr Marcells says there are some cases where he might advise against what a patient is requesting. “During this morphing process I can show the patient the reasons why certain facial features may not be suited to certain people. This process also allows me the opportunity to show why particular celebrity features do not always suit them.”

Dr Marcells says the use of photo imaging allows the patient and doctor to experiment with why or why not a feature is suitable, and the patient can take a copy of the images to see and discuss with family and friends to make sure they are making the right choice for them.

If you’d like more information on Dr George Marcells check out the blogs below, or if you’d like to arrange a consult you can phone Dr Marcells’ clinic on 1300 555 095.

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