Each year we grow older our face and bodies change. From a gangly, acne-skinned teenager to a wiser and more confident woman in our 70’s and everything in between. By the time we’re in our 80’s, if we’re lucky enough to have a long and healthy life we probably don’t care too much for the lines and bags we can see in the mirror. But before then… in our 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and 60’s… we can get pretty critical of ourselves and notice when we add another laugh (or frown!) line to to the collection. Face Plus Medispa in Sydney, created by the renowned Dr William Mooney, Facial, Plastic and Rhinoplasty Surgeon, are not only experts in identifying the signs of ageing but how to treat them too, so they point us in the right direction to what beauty treatments are best at each age.

Teenage Years

It’s not just about reducing the signs, it’s about preventing them too. We tend to create habits and beauty routines in our teenage years so it’s then we should really be making sure that we’re using sunscreen and moisturiser on a daily basis. This will make a bigger difference than almost anything else you can do to make sure that you reduce your signs of ageing further down the track.

In your 20’s

Many of us in the older generations weren’t considering options like Anti-wrinkle injections, chemical peels or laser in our 20’s, but nowadays these treatments are becoming more and more popular for the younger crowd to stop ageing before it even happens. For better or worse, clinics are seeing patients sometimes as young as in their early 20’s for anti-wrinkle injections. And chemical peels are as common as facials in beauty clinics around the country for women of all ages.

However, we still tend to have great collagen support, so for most of us, as long as you keep moisturising, wearing your sunscreen and cleaning your face of your makeup each night, you shouldn’t need to worry too much about more intensive treatments and procedures.

In your 30’s

This is when many of us see little lines forming around the edges of our eyes, our mouth, lips and forehead. Our upper eyelids get a little less enthusiastic and hooding starts to occur. This is the most common age for the skin to start some form of discolouration (pigmentation), or sun spotting (those brown patches that seem to appear out of nowhere). Face Plus Medispa tell us, “These age spots will make you appear older. Your 30’s are a great time to start removing and further preventing. The removal process can vary depending on the location and severity of the pigmentation. We offer a number of homecare options, or you can go down the IPL laser route to permanently remove them from the skin.”

We tend to see some volume loss in the face (especially around our cheeks and chin) which can make us appear slimmer and older (this sort of slimming is not good!). This is where patients start to consider injectables. Face Plus Medispa suggest, “Injectables are not for everyone but if prescribed correctly it is a wonderful anti-ageing treatment. Anti-wrinkles, muscle relaxants, Anti-wrinkle injections or Anti-wrinkle injections are all used to remove fine lines and wrinkles, lift or drop areas of the face.”

In your 40’s

Ahhh, the fabulous 40’s!! This is when our frown lines deepen, wrinkles really start to develop and collagen is definitely not holding up so well. Our lines around our lips, jawline, forehead and eyes often can no longer be hidden with tricks of makeup. This is a popular age for lasers to reverse sun damage, build collagen and tighten skin; dermal fillers to help with droops, fill upper lip lines and hydrate the lips; and anti-wrinkle injections to prevent the lines deepening. Some also start to consider eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) to open up our eyes to where they were ten years ago. Facelifts might also start to be considered, as are neck lifts. Face Plus Medispa say, “Most of our patients in their 40’s complain about the appearance of their neck and hands. There are a number of treatments that can work to tighten and rejuvenate this area. Firstly, PRP, Platelet Rich Plasma treatments are a great alternative for those who are not looking to inject any “foreign products” into their body. PRP is an incredible tool we use in our Face Plus Medispa clinic for cosmetic rejuvenation.
When you hit 40 your lymphatic system begins to slow. Lymphatic drainage is how your body removes toxins from your body and the lymph gland break down often resulting in puffiness around your eyes and cheeks. A monthly facial will assist in the drainage process, facials such as our Plumping Collagen Facial are a perfect option.”

In your 50’s and 60’s

Wrinkles, sagging or hollowing of cheeks, fluid accumulation, horizontal and vertical lines, sagging eyebrows, hooded eyes, dehydration… All sounds pretty dismal when you put it all together like that! The same treatments can be used as the ones some started in their 40’s (or 30’s or 20’s depending on which generation you’re from, or what you’re level of concern is!) but 50’s are also an age where facelifts become more popular and eyelid surgery is definitely on the rise. Volumising cheeks, filling in lines and lasering away those wrinkles all tend to become more regular parts of a beauty routine.

Neck lifts are also more popular in this age group than any other due to sagging skin and crepiness (turkey neck).

We’re not saying not to embrace your age and the signs of ageing that come with it, but when there are so many options for maintaining a more youthful appearance in today’s day and age, why not go for it?! It’s best to find a quality clinic or practitioner you are comfortable with and come up with a plan that’s right for you. Face Plus Medispa are quite amazing at what they do and are frequented by beauty industry experts, celebs and anyone who appreciates quality results. Give them a call on (02) 8897 0000 to arrange your consultation and they’ll help you identify what treatments will get you the results you want.

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