Winter may sound like a foreign concept to many of us in Australia at the moment, especially when we’ve had a particularly long and hot summer (Autumn? What’s that?!). However, we are heading towards those few months when the weather turns a little colder and it’s commonly considered to be a good time to undergo plastic surgery. We chatted with Dr Isolde Hertess, Specialist Plastic Surgeon from Cairns Plastic Surgery, about why there are benefits to plastic surgery during winter.

Plastic Surgery During Winter

Dr Isolde Hertess from Cairns Plastic Surgery

What’s the difference between having surgery during winter and having it during summer?

It might seem like a weird thing to consider but there are some very valid reasons to having your surgery during the colder months – including different procedures for different reasons, some of them you might never have thought of!

Less Social – it’s true, many of us become less social during the colder months and stick to activities around the house. This makes it easier to avoid or miss those social gatherings while you’re recovering from any procedure. Dr Hertess also suggests it might also help with the discretion often desired when you’re having a plastic surgery procedure. She says, “Wearing a scarf or a turtleneck sweater to hide that neck lift is going to be a lot more comfortable during winter!”
Compression garments – many procedures require the wearing of compression garments during the recovery. Dr Hertess reminds us that compression garments can get quite HOT underneath. “Especially the larger ones such as girdles for thigh lifts, or abdominal bands for tummy tucks. They may be more comfortable to wear during the colder months.”
Protection from the sun – many procedures, especially facial procedures or any procedure involving laser, require you to stay out of the sun or have minimum exposure to the sun to avoid damage to your skin. It’s a lot easier to stay out of the sun during winter, and the sun has a lot less heat to it during winter.
Reduced risk of infection – wounds and incision sites are more likely to get infected in warmer environments, so you can imagine that during summer the area under bandages or dressings is going to create an environment a lot more susceptible to infections.
Covering up versus baring all – Obviously we wear more clothes during winter so you can cover up those scars and give them more time to heal from any surgery before you want to wear bikinis or that little black dress that are more likely to show off your body.

Dr Hertess says she definitely has patients who consider the timing of their surgery and that it makes sense to have your surgery during the winter months, although there are other things to consider when it comes to the timing of your surgery. “The most important thing is that you are ready for your surgery. The other things to think about is if the surgery is going to work around any other social commitment such as weddings, birthdays or upcoming holidays. Parents will usually want to avoid having surgery during school holidays.”

If you’re considering plastic surgery during winter or any other time you should discuss the timing of your procedure with your plastic surgeon. The last thing you want to do is rush any decision to have surgery so whether you have it in winter or summer, it’s important to have made a fully informed and well thought out decision.

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