A/Prof Colin Moore

A/Prof Colin Moore

Men can be paranoid about their penises for several reasons – is it big enough, too big, wide enough, sexy enough? What if it’s bent? Like really bent? Sometimes so bent that it causes pain when it’s erect or for a woman during sex (although I’ve heard a little bend is good for the woman 😉 This is a real problem for some men and is something that Dr Colin Moore from the Australian Centre of Cosmetic and Penile Surgery sees more often than one might think. Dr Moore chats about the finer details of bent penis and what surgery fixes a bent penis.

What causes bent penis?

Also known as Peyronie’s Disease, you can either be born with it or develop the bend later in life. It can also be caused by some sort of trauma or sexual activity. It can be bent either when flaccid or erect although usually an erection will exacerbate the problem. It is more commonly caused by scar tissue and hard fibrous plaque that has formed inside the shaft and does not expand properly during erection, therefore leading the penis to bend. It can even go so far as to inhibit erection of the penis. Dr Moore says, “It is when the curvature of the penis is painful when erect or causing discomfort or pain to their partner during sexual intercourse, then treatment may be required.”

It is suggested the condition can be heredity and if someone else in the family has it you have a higher chance of developing it too. Whilst it’s most common in men older than 50, as mentioned above it can be present from birth. Hypospadias, a condition in boys where the opening of the urethra is on the wrong part of the penis can also cause curvature of the penis – this is not the same as Peyronie’s disease.

Regardless of why, bent penis can cause anxiety and lead to loss of confidence, especially when it comes to sexual activity and relationships. Some cases of Peyronie’s disease can fix themselves in time – a few months or years, but many cases don’t. Dr Moore offers surgery to fix bent penis. He says, “There are a few surgical options to treat a bent penis – it depends on the individual’s circumstance. I believe in treating each case as a unique one and identifying how we can fix the problem without losing any size, in fact we can even increase the penis in size if that is what the patient wants.”

Dr Colin Moore is one of Australia’s foremost experts in penile surgery. He performed his first penis enlargement in 1967 and has performed over 4,000 procedures helping men to become more confident and comfortable within their own bodies. He can treat almost any penile issue including:

If you’d like to arrange a consultation with Dr Moore phone Lyn on 0414 251 234. To read more about him first check out the blogs below:

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