Should Australian women be getting boob surgery?

I say “Yes! Absolutely. It can improve your self- confidence and have an overly positive effect on your life.”

Growing trends in Australia with both men and women show us that plastic and cosmetic surgery is on the rise. Trust us we know. We are the women who have had it, work with the people who want it, and speak with the surgeons who provide it.

I have had several plastic surgery procedures, and am planning to have more. Each of these procedures have significantly changed the way I feel about myself and set me on my path of self-discovery and improvement. In a world where plastic surgery is often frowned upon, it’s done nothing but improve my quality of life. I battled with low self-esteem, addiction to painkillers and a significant lack of support and resources when it came to my plastic surgeries. So I created a blog which is known as

Here I share it with you.

Trish Hammond

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