Fiona’s Breast Reduction with Dr Rohit Kumar

Here’s a great real story from Fee who is 2 years post breast reduction surgery with Dr Rohit Kumar from Sydney Cosmetic Sanctuary. Trish: Hey podcasters. Good morning. I'm here today, and today I'm really excited because I'll be speaking to Fiona. Fiona just recently...

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Dermamelan Treatment for Beautiful Skin

There are a range of treatments, procedures and beauty products on the market nowadays but one we keep hearing about this week is the Dermamelan offered at Medical Skin Clinic in Torquay, Victoria. Always at the forefront of the latest skin treatments and trends,...

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Tummy Tucks – The Facts

A tummy tuck, otherwise known as an abdominoplasty, is a procedure most often undertaken by women after having children, or after massive weight loss. Either of these circumstances often leaves you with excess skin that can only be removed via surgery. In the case of...

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Jennifer’s Facelift with Dr Bryan Mendelson

I love love loved speaking with Jen today! It can be difficult to get people to share their facelift experiences with others - because really most of us don't want anyone to know when we've had a facelift - it's pretty personal. Today Jen gives us all the in's and...

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What are you getting your mum for Mother’s Day?

It can be hard to find something different and special to give your mum on Mother’s Day. What are you getting your Mum for Mother’s Day? While we all love flowers or chocolate we say it might be the year to think out of the box. If you haven’t already organised...

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What is the LaseMD and how can it help your skin?

Trish: Hey, podcasters. Well, I'm here today. I'm at COSMEDICON 2018, and I'm talking with Professor Glen Calderhead, who is from Clinique L Dermatology in South Korea, and they are all part of the Lutronic group of devices, if you like, for want of a better word. And...

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Emma’s Breast Reduction

Breast reduction is a procedure close to my heart. It was the procedure that changed my life. It was also the experience that led me to starting Plastic Surgery Hub. You can’t understand how debilitating and painful large breasts can be unless you’ve got them. Emma...

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Mons Pubis Reduction – Get rid of your FUPA!

Mons pubis liposuction is a procedure more and more women are interested in, whether it’s the final step in a massive weight loss journey, or as a stand-alone procedure to reduce the size and bulge of the pubic mound that can often affect a woman’s confidence in...

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Cosmetic Injectables – The Different Types of Injectables

When you say injectables, which ones do you mean? The term “injectables” can actually refer to a variety of non-surgical treatments and procedures and it can be a little difficult to negotiate which ones do what and which ones might give you the results you’re looking...

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Reveal Your Natural Beauty – and get rid of make-up!

Wouldn’t it be amazing if we woke up and didn’t feel like we had to spend half an hour or more in front of the mirror covering our blemishes, ageing spots, pigmentation and other skin imperfections so we could face the world? There’s a really wonderful laser on the...

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