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Non-surgical body sculpting has got to be one of the most popular treatments in clinics around the country today. Patients are flocking to practitioners to help reduce problematic pockets of fat to help them fit into their swimsuits and feel more comfortable bearing skin or pouring themselves into their little black dresses. Cutera are a company that brought us such devices as the revolutionary tattoo removal device EnLighten, and they have now raised the body sculpting bar with truSculpt. We wanted to find out why practitioners are choosing truSculpt over the other body sculpting devices. Nicky from Face Today Cairns in QLD are getting some awesome results and answers our questions.

PSH: Who or which patients are you finding most suitable for truSculpt? Is there a particular demographic or is it suitable for all age/types of patients?

Nicky: We find that the most suitable patients are those who are at the tail end of their weight loss journey, but still have a little pocket of fat here and there that just won’t budge. We remind all our patients that this treatment is not for weight loss, but for circumferential reduction of problem areas.

Women over about 35 years who have a pocket of fat, but don’t want to lose any volume from their face, are great candidates. It’s also great for new mums too! Because we see some skin tightening benefits, new mums are loving the results they see on their abdomens.

What made you get truSculpt 3D in your clinic, and why truSculpt 3d over other devices/treatments?

We felt that a body sculpting treatment was the only thing missing from our repertoire. We have seen the steady increase in the popularity of cryolipolysis (fat freezing) treatments, and that technology has been achieving good results (up to 24% fat reduction in the treated area), we had some reservations regarding risk involved. After doing lots of research, and having the treatments ourselves, we found that TruSculpt 3D achieved equally good results (up to 24% fat reduction in the treated area with just one treatment, the results supported by clinical studies), with the least amount of risk and highest comfort level.

What areas of the body or face are you treating with truSculpt 3D and what issues is it best for treating?

We are able to treat anywhere you can ‘pinch an inch’. We are achieving great results in the submental (under the chin) area, especially in conjunction with our fat dissolving injections. We are also seeing great results in the love handle area, bra fat, abdomen, thighs, arms and even above the knees. Some of these areas can’t be treated with fat freezing technology.

What results are you most noticing with truSculpt 3D treatments?

When we’re treating stubborn fat on the thighs, we’re also seeing some improvement with cellulite and skin quality. What more could you want?

How does truSculpt 3D work?

TruSculpt 3D utilises monopolar Radio Frequency technology to heat the skin and the underlying subcutaneous fat, to between 43 and 46 degrees. This heat causes apoptosis (programmed cell death) in the fat layer, causing controlled destruction of the cells over the following 12 weeks.

Is it easy to use from a practitioner’s viewpoint?

Yes! It’s as simple as moving the hand-piece back and forth across the skin. The device’s user-interface gives you real-time temperature feedback to ensure we are achieving the desired temperature and optimal results for our patient.

What do you like about truSculpt 3D over other aesthetic treatments?

After seeing our patients struggle with stubborn fat pockets it’s great to see a proven and reliable solution with little or, more commonly, no side effects, high patient comfort and satisfaction and no downtime.

How many treatments do patients undergo to get results? How long does each treatment take?

The protocol is just one treatment and treatment times depend on the area being treated. For example, we can treat the abdomen and both love handles in an hour. Under the chin is just 14 minutes.

Although one treatment is sufficient, a second treatment on the treated area can be performed if the patient feels they want even more reduction, after 6 weeks. What we are hearing is that once a problem area is treated, patients move on to a 2nd or 3rd area that has been bothering them.

Is there any discomfort during or expected after the treatments and if so how do you manage it?

Having tried the treatment myself, I can vouch wholeheartedly for the comfort experienced – it feels like a hot stone massage.
The only ‘side effect’ is mild erythema that lasts for about half an hour and potentially an oily stool in the couple of days post treatment as the destroyed fat is eliminated from the body.

Are the results of truSculpt 3D permanent or are follow up sessions required?

The destruction of the fat cells is permanent. Those cells that have been destroyed are not coming back. That doesn’t mean, however, that the remaining fat cells won’t expand if patients change their diet and lifestyle; if their usual sensible diet and lifestyle choices are ignored. So we have recently added Fitness, Nutrition and Wellness services to our clinic menu which patients can access via Skype.

What are your patients saying about truSculpt 3D?

They love it! Because we live in such a beach-worshipping area, we have had such a great response to this treatment.

Is there anything else you’d like to say about truSculpt 3D?

I’m so happy I chose TruSculpt 3D technology as it provides my patients with a solution to such an emotionally draining concern. Seeing my patients become more confident means the world to us.

About Nicky Belle:

After 30 years in the medical industry, Nicole’s constant pursuit of excellence and perfection in the subtle art of facial rejuvenation has given her a high profile in the media, in particular in her role as the anti-ageing expert on Susie Elelman’s show for WIN TV, with regular monthly advice and demonstration segments.

As a result of her natural artistic eye and passion, experience and facility for achieving a natural, aesthetically pleasing result, Nicole is frequently selected by the leading brands of dermal fillers and muscle relaxants to trial their products and to ran workshops for her colleagues, all of whom are themselves doctors and nurses.

Nicole has been chosen to be the trainer and educator for innovative products such as the calcium-based dermal filler Radiesse, and for Q-med, used to perfect the lips and treat age-related hollowness around the eyes (“orbital rim elevation”).

Face Today was the launch clinic for Regen PRP, better known as the Vampire treatment, the most recent breakthrough in stem cell research and natural rejuvenation, with Nicole demonstrating the product and technique at the 2009 cosmetic surgery conference in Adelaide, 2010 Sydney and 2008 in Gold Coast.

As one of the ‘top nine injectors’ in Australia (the other eight being doctors), Nicole was invited to participate in an exclusive workshop with Dr. Michael Kane, the pioneer specialist in injecting techniques in Sydney and to present at the Restylane symposium held in 2009 in Hong Kong. Only the four most innovative practitioners in South East Asia were asked to demonstrate the art of full facial rejuvenation with these products.

If you’d like to make an appointment with Nicky or any of the other experienced and qualified practitioners at Face Today in Cairns phone 1800facetoday, or to find a truSculpt practitioner near you click here.


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