Fat freezing, cryolipolysis… these are names referring to the method of body shaping or body contouring by cooling targeted areas to a temperature where they destroy fat cells and allow the body to metabolise them naturally out of the body. It is specifically for stubborn pockets of fat resistant to diet or exercise and is used to give a body more definition and curves where you want them. Cryomed is one of the most respected device companies for non-surgical treatments and their Clatuu 360° Freeze is particularly popular due to its dual handpieces cutting patient treatment time in half.

The Clatuu Procedure

Firstly, you will consult with your practitioner and identify the areas that you want to contour. The Clatuu can contour almost any area you choose including:

Upper back
Lower back
Basically, almost any area/s where difficult, stubborn bulges reside

You will be laying down for the entire procedure. It is described as a restful, completely comfortable procedure with an initial sensation of a light pulling of the skin into the treatment cup. A Cryomed rep tells us, “Once the target temperature is reached, the skin will be numb from sensation for most of the session. A light manual massage is given at the end of the treatment to restore sensation and to maximise the benefits of the treatment.”

It is said that the Clatuu is able to get rid of up to 30% of fat in the targeted area after only one treatment. Depending on how much you want to get rid of will determine if you want any follow up treatments. We love the fact that the Clatuu has such great results after only the one treatment.

Where can you get the Clatuu?

You can find the Clatuu in clinics all over the country. Click here to find one near you.


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