Check out this awesome and informative interview I did with Dr Patricia Ogilvie, a dermatologist from Germany on Anti-wrinkle injections at the Non-Surgical Symposium 2017. Watch the video or read below to find out more.

Trish: So I’m here today with Dr. Patricia Ogilvie who’s a dermatologist all the way from Germany. We’re going to have a bit of a chat about other benefits to when you’re having botulinum toxin as an injectable. Thank you so much for taking the time today.

Dr. Ogilvie: Thank you very much for having me.

Trish: I know you did a talk yesterday on other benefits of botulinum toxin. Because we all think you just have your toxin injected and it’s going to relax the muscles. But there is a lot more to it that people don’t even know about…

Dr. Ogilvie: I call it beyond lines and wrinkles. We do see … and the longer we travel with our patients on this journey of toxin injections, and I’m injecting since more than 20 years, we do see and observe additional changes on their skin. There is now scientific evidence that somehow underlying that changes. For example there’s an increase of the elastic and mechanical properties of skin that makes the skin more resistant to mechanical stress after botulinum toxin injections. And very interesting, done majorly by colleagues from Korea, the toxin has an influence on the production of sebum. So we do know that sebum production, the oiliness on the surface of the skin that looks disturbing is also feeding the bacteria that are responsible for acne imperfections and visibility of pores. If you measure the production of sebum in these cultivated cells, you can actually decrease that by Anti-wrinkle injections. And that’s what we do see, we see a decrease in visibility of pores, and a decrease of oiliness on the surface in the areas that have been treated.

Trish: That’s probably why when you watch ladies on TV like in Real Housewives, or whatever, they’ve got that … their skin is not only smooth and wrinkle free, but it’s got like a bit of a sheen to it, like their skin is just lovely skin.

Dr. Ogilvie: Definitely. In these examples, for sure there is a combination of effect of injectable fillers, which are made from hyaluronic acid, which is the natural substance in our skin that helps binding moisturization and water. So if you are injecting hyaluronic acid of course you also increase the moisture content of the skin itself. But on top of that in trials where we have only allowed the patients to be injected with the botulinum toxin we can see that also the toxin alone has an effect on the elastic recoil capacity of skin.

Trish: And also you mentioned about the calves. What is about the calves? I know people get them injected …

Dr. Ogilvie: Calves slimming sounds strange, because you think the calf is a muscle that we need to walk. Actually in many of our patients it is a little bit hypertrophic and these are the ones that are complaining about it because it makes the leg overall look a little bit shorter and a bit more heavy. And if you inject the calves, and I’ve learned that from Asian colleagues I have to say, in the proper way, it takes quite some doses initially. We do see the volume of the muscle comes back to normal and the calf is slimmer. Interestingly after a successful an initial treatment, the slimming effect seems to last enormously long, almost equal to the effect that we do see on the jawline when we are injecting the jaws.

Trish: Right so if you wanted to reduce your jawline you could actually have the toxin injected there properly, done by a proper physician who knows what they’re doing and has done a lot of it, but that can help you slim the jawline as well.

Dr. Ogilvie: Definitely. The jawline and also the transition from the jawline into the neck by injecting the platysma bands, it’s what we call a Nefertiti contour, because we do know together with the forces of gravity, the muscle of the platysma is pulling all these soft tissue compartments of the face down, and if we are relaxing that we are decreasing that force, we still the force of gravity of course, inevitable. But if we are decreasing these muscles forces, we get a relatively strong elevator effect and that helps recontour the jawline and slim the jawline.

Trish: That makes so much sense. I’ll just cover up my neck here and … thank you so much for that.

Dr. Ogilvie: Thank you very much.

Trish: Lovely. So, if you’re looking to have a treatment like this done and you’re looking for a practitioner, just drop us an email at Thank you so much.

Dr. Ogilvie: Thank you.


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