Pumped up and ready to go today.  Want to keep the momentum of the weight loss going coz I feel like I’m on a roll.  Had a fantastic nights sleep and once again leapt out of bed while it was still dark outside so I could get my early morning walk in.  Managed to sweet talk Bruce into coming with me – it’s always more fun to walk and talk at the same time, so good to have some company.

Headed up to the Byron Bay lighthouse and there were people everywhere.  Ahhhh it’s the Cancer Council Biggest Morning Tea, and there’s tents set up, people everywhere, and even the crew from Channel 9 Morning Show here to celebrate.  Managed to get a snap with two of the lovely lady volunteers.


photo-20I’m in awe of the tireless volunteers that seem to be so prominent around the beautiful Northern Rivers, these people are amazing, thank you to them all!

Headed back home to get myself ready for the day ahead feeling great for having got my workout over and done with nice and early.  Got my usual short black to kick-start my work day and headed to the office, getting ready for a photo shoot with the Plastic Surgery Hub team today with the amazing Donatella.  So had to pretty myself up.  Had a ball going through what I was going to wear, because I’ve had a dress which I bought about a year ago that has never really fit me, but I was determined to squeeze into it today!  Squeeze into it I did!  There was a problem in that I couldn’t move and I couldn’t breathe, but hey I thought I looked fantastic!  There was no way I was going to be able to wear it driving to the studio, so off it came and I packed it in my bag to take with me.

Had an absolute blast with the crew taking pics, having a laugh, squeezing into clothes that were obviously way too tight for me, but I don’t care, I was determined to wear that dress today.  And anyway, provided I barely breathed, didn’t move and talked minimally, it was perfect!  When I get the pics I’ll share it, doesn’t even look like it’s me – it looks like some stylish slim chicky babe!  LOL.  Photo shoot was followed by lunch at my favourite pub.  Guess what I had?  You guessed it – absolutely nothing!  Oh sorry, I had a mineral water with fresh lime (this seems to be becoming a habit).  Nevertheless I socialized with the ladies, played with their children, even helped them win chocolate from the chocolate machine (seems like gambling for kids really!).  Got back to the office and had my yummy warm soup.  All in all, pretty successful, not to stressful!

Found myself not very hungry today and I actually had to keep reminding myself to eat.  I’ve learnt that if I don’t eat enough throughout the day and leave myself to get absolutely ravenous I tend to have a bit of a binge.  So I’ve discovered a life lesson on this journey (only taken me 49 years of living to work it out!!) that I need to eat small meals on a regular basis.  There comes a time when I’ve gone past the caring phase of what I eat, and that time is when I’m absolutely starving!  So eat eat eat, just less portions, and more often.  I think this is the secret that seems to work for me.

Still can’t stop thinking about chocolate.  I am sooooo going to have chocolate on the weekend.  I’m going to make it myself, and I’m going to make it using ingredients that I am allowed to have (well, that may be stretching the truth).  I am determined that I can eat chocolate and still lose weight.  Watch this space!


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