DAY 7 – OMG it’s been a week!

Woke up with a sore lower back this morning – actually it was starting to ache last night. Think it must be the walk catching up on me. Actually my legs are a bit stiff too. Decided to have a day of exercise rest today, just because I can.

Big drive up to the Goldie again this morning, so packed my little esky for the day and off I go. Got soup, salad, had a short black already, just need to make sure I get enough water in today.

All in all a pretty boring day, nothing exciting happened. Long all day conference. Sick of sitting down not moving all day. Better make up for it tomorrow!

Different story when I got home though. Home alone – mmmmmmm where’s that scale?? Where’s he hidden it?? I’m on the hunt, going through the laundry, bathroom, kitchen, bedroom – BINGO! GOT IT, yippee. I absolutely can’t resist I’m jumping on those scales. Fair enough, it’s been a week – that’s got to be the longest I’ve ever not weighed myself.

And the results are in….

Result? You betcha! Down to 70.7kg. I’m sooooo excited, that’s a loss of 2.2kg! I’m rapt! Gotta keep it up, gotta keep going, Sh….t I’m already planning my exercise for tomorrow morning – up before the birds and I’m off to do a lighthouse walk – gotta keep the weightloss going, keep up the momentum. I remember last time I did this I got a better result when I exercised, so I’m off again. Gawd I feel like I just got a shot of ADHD, I’m springing off these walls – can’t wait till Bruce get’s home so I can brag, especially about finding the scales. He’s gonna have to do better than that at hiding things LOL.


 Sleeping on Chocolate

I reckon I deserve a little treat for all the hard work tomorrow. Mmmmm what shall I have. Of course I want it to be a food treat. Chocolate maybe? Just a little? I don’t see why not. Well probably not because once I start I may not be able to stop. Not sure, I’ll have to sleep on it tonight and see what I decide tomorrow. I’m allowed 1teaspoon maple syrup, 1 teaspoon coconut oil, and 10 almonds per day. If I save it till the evening I reckon I can crush the almonds add the maple syrup and coconut oil, and cheat with a bit of cacao and make myself my fave home-made raw chocolate. I think I just might. What would you do?


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