Still a bit sluggish this morning.  Not wanting to get out of bed.  I’m sure it’s coz it feels like winter has set in.

Not too excited about my food plan for today, but I AM excited about the new foods I get to add from tomorrow.  I’m pretty bored with my food now – over the soups & salads and ready to get some more substantial warm food happening. I went through my plan for the next 10 days and discovered I can have a coconut.  OMG I LOVE coconuts!  So what do I do? Get straight in my car and go to our local to buy a coconut.  I devoured the juice and stuffed myself on the flesh.  Amazing how great a coconut can taste!

Bob Dylan

Disappointed that I didn’t get any exercise in today.  I’m using the wet weather as an excuse, and I’m ok with that.  Looks like I’ll have to exercise like a demon on the weekend to make up for it.  Maybe I’ll just eat less?  Mmmmm.

Temptations have been around me all day today – what is it with Friday? End of the week, time to let your hair down.  I love Friday’s but the weekly Friday socialize for me has become a bit of a nightmare.  I’m used to having a couple of drinks, and now I’m onto mineral water.  Looking forward to being able to have a bevi again!

Was lucky enough to score a couple of tickets to Bob Dylan’s 70th Birthday tribute show tonight, amazing!  I was pretty impressed with the drinks available to patrons – alcohol, COFFEE (yes coffee!!), and herbal teas.  Not back for a local community centre.  So my pre-drink & interval drink was a nice warm herbal tea (wow, that would never have happened if I wasn’t on this food plan!).  Pretty enjoyable I must say, and kept me warm as a bonus.

Yup, late night for me think I’ll get some zzzzz’s dreaming about Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door, or is that just me Blowin’ In The Wind, coz I know after this 30 days The Times They Are a-Changin’ ……


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