Day 5 – The Four Tokes Stride Forth

PHEW, what a Sunday!  Absolutely glorious day on the north coast today.  Had to get up before the birds this morning to get my meals prep’d and ready so that I would be able to survive the marathon walk.  Started my day with a short black – yes I knew I was going to need all the energy I could muster and figured the coffee would help.  So all 4 of us (my team “The Four Tokes) set off at 6am for our big Westpac Helicopter Charity Walk. We drove for ½ an hour to get to the start point.  It was freezing cold this morning, seemed like winter had set in for the day.  Glad I took a few layers, coz by the end I was almost naked!

The walk consisted of 3 stop points, you could choose 12km, 25km or 37km.  I booked myself in for 37km’s about 3 months ago.  I decided yesterday I was going to be lucky to get in 12kms.  At the 12km point what did I do? You guessed it, we stopped for another coffee!  I figured extra energy, I’m not even going to apologise for that today.  Somehow by some sort of miracle I managed to stagger to the 25km checkpoint!  Amazing! I was both exhausted and exhilarated, I didn’t think I’d last.  Took us 5 solid hours and we were really going at a fast pace. My friends are all so fit, I think I’m needing some more less fit friends, coz these uber fit ones are killing me!!  I love them to bits, they make me do what I think I can’t . It is said to hang around with people that you want to be like, and actually I just realized today, that’s what I do in my life.

After the walk our meeting point was the Suffolk Pub, where our three teams of combined friends were going to celebrate our achievement with drinks and lunch.

Ooooooo here we go again!  Sh……..t!  Is this going to be a daily issue for me?  Do I need to lock myself up?  Anyway, by the time I got to the pub I was dying for a drink with a bit of substance, I was so over the water.  So what did I order?  Hahahaha, you guessed it – a short black!  OMG that’s coffee number three today – I’m only supposed to have one a day.  Well, if that’s cheating, so be it! I followed this with mineral water with fresh lime squeezed into it.  I had two of these and it really quenched my thirst.   BUT once the lunch talk started, I almost jumped out of my chair I couldn’t leave quickly enough. Nope, not gonna sit at my favourite pub not drinking any alcohol, and watching everyone eat chips – I’m outta here!

Perfect opportunity to go home and have an Epsom salt bath – soothe the pain.  Looks like an early night for me tonight. Bit of telly, cup of herbal, hot water bottle, bed.

Wish I could find where Bruce hid those scales, grrrrrrrr!


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