Day 4 -Blogging, Boyer and Bolting.

I’d barely opened my eyes this morning and bolted up out of bed coz I knew I had to get all my food for the day ready for our road trip up to the Gold Coast.  With huge container of crunchy salad packed with legumes, quinoa, avocado and herbs, I set off with this and a thermos of soup for my day trip to the goldie for an all day conference.  Nothing worse than being hungry and not having the right food to eat.

Another day of being with people eating what could only be termed a ‘feast’. So during the morning tea break with cakes, biscuits and slices on offer, I found myself avoiding being around people when they were eating.  At lunch and afternoon tea, once again I avoided everyone.  I found that a quick trip to the shop helped, but there was sooooo much food around – it’s everywhere!!  The temptation is ridiculous.  Actually if I wasn’t doing this blog I reckon I would have had a soy latte today for sure!! (and probably a whole lot more)

So seems to me when you are dieting ‘solo’ things can be pretty uncomfortable and you can be pretty unsociable.  Better planning on my part would be to avoid these situations. But then on the other hand, life doesn’t stop coz I’m on a diet.

All in all with the obstacles that have come my way today, I am extremely happy that I have managed to stay on track with the strict regime that the first 10 days of this Boyer Weightloss diet consists of.  And yes, I succumbed again and had that second cup of coffee – which I actually needed to keep me away for the afternoon session. Long black, no sugar – ahhhh haven’t had one of those for years!

This is what I call walking…

Now I’m getting psyched (and friggin nervous!) about the huge 37km Charity Walk Ballina to Byron that I’m scheduled in for tomorrow.  Figure it will take us about 6-7 hours and I’m going to have to carry all the food and water I need for the day.  Gawd, this is gonna kill me!  I better lose LOTS of weight!

Finally got home after a full day out and was starving so had a pig out on a whole cup of chickpeas with olive oil, salt & freshly squeezed lemon. I know it may not sound that appetizing, but I swear it was pure bliss after a day of salads and soup.  Gonna have a cup of mint tea before bed – would have loooveeeddd some chocolate – when I finally get some it’s going to be AMAZING.

Till tomorrow … (if I make it home!)


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