ANTICIPATION (and too much wine).

Last night I began preparing for my Boyer Weight Loss program. With Fiona by my side, we spent an hour and a half chopping, simmering, chatting and preparing our meals for today’s start (we also drank way too much wine and ate way too many cauliflower patties as our last hurrah!).

For the next 30 days we will be on a totally life-changing diet – or better words, way of eating for our life.

I went to bed excited about the start of the diet (with a really full belly!).

DAY ONE – Eating to Live

The menu today consists of 3 meals, one consisting of a vegetable broth, a crunchy green salad, and a delicious quinoa, kidney bean and avocado salad.

Wow – my kitchen is covered in this delicious, colourful array of vegetables and spices. A feast for all the senses.

Each of these meals have been divided into 4 containers and the plan is to eat them throughout the day, one hour intervals. So basically I’m eating every hour. Not very much food, but no time to get hungry.

Now I will say this is my second time around with this diet. I managed to get from 78 to 72 kilograms last time around about 12 months ago. I’ve managed to maintain my weight at 72 kilograms, but I’m now ready for another ‘burst’ of weightloss to get me closer to my ideal weight and within the normal weight range on the BMI scale. So my goal is 4-6 kilograms weight loss, not a huge amount of weight, but I know this is weight that stays off, so I’m pretty excited!

See you Latte!

I swapped my morning Soy Latte for a short black this morning. Even added a half teaspoon of organic maple syrup (yes, the real stuff!), to give me the fix I need to start my day (yes, I’m a coffee addict, but I’m Italian, it’s to be expected).

So here I am at the end of a busy day, filled with delicious food, feeling healthy and quite righteous for not partaking of that bottle of wine with a friend tonight.

I’m on my way. Day 1 done and dusted.

Now to catch up on much needed sleep and prepare for my body to absorb all the nutrients and release all my toxins and excess tissue.

Mmmmmm think I’ll close with a warm herbal tea. So far so good – Day two, here I come.


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