DAY SIX – Feeling So Incredible I Forgot My Coffee!

I woke up this morning feeling absolutely incredible!  I didn’t think I was going to be able to get out of bed, I thought I’d be sore.  Well totally the opposite, I jumped out of bed like a leaping lizard and absolutely couldn’t wait to start my day.  I thought I’d be sore, but the Epsom bath must have done more good than I thought.

Quick food prep in the morning, straight to my office and started my extremely busy day. Had a cracking day at work today, not sure why, just in great spirits and got lots and lots of compliments for getting through the marathon walk yesterday.  You’re not going to believe it, I put on an Italian espresso this morning, and left without remembering to drink it!! WT?? that’s not like me.  Once I realized this you can betcha I was straight in the office kitchen making myself a short black.  It was so good.  I’m getting used to having my coffee with no sugar.  Not sure if that will be a habit I keep once the 30 days is over, but it’s ok for now.

Fiona (she’s doing this with me) was pretty excited today – she’s already lost 3kg’s!  WOW!  It’s only day 6, not even a week yet and she’s managed to lose 3kg.  OMG I so wanna jump on those scales.  I’ve begged Bruce to tell me where they are but no joy, he’s making me hang out till day 11.  Phase 1 of the diet goes from day 1-10, phase 2 is day 11-20, and phase 3 is 21-30.  Probably not a bad thing not to check in everyday (which is what I would normally do).  I think this is keeping my moods in order, because as you might appreciate there’s nothing worse than working hard to lose weight and being disappointed when you jump on the scales.

Definitely needed to stretch my body today, so I did my once weekly Gyrotonics lesson today.  Thought I’d take a pic to share with you.  What is Gyrotonics? To me it’s like stretching the deeper muscles within.  It’s combined with breathing, and I love it, it’s kinda like a deep stretch breathing routine – that’s the best way I can describe it.  I so needed it today!  I’m loving this pic, makes me look quite slim, I might have to frame it bahahaha!!  Don’t be fooled though, I am locking in my core (part of the exercise), and I was giggling too – I wish I WAS that slim.

Headed out to the shops to get all my goodies for my 2 days cook-up tonight.  It’s a great thing to do, because once it’s done you don’t really have to worry about food for the next 2 days.  It’s all there, all you have to do is dress your salads, and warm your soup.  Pretty easy, convenient, and this diet is all about the preparation.  What’s that saying, the five P’s.  Proper Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance – mmm isn’t that six?

Still craving chocolate every night though.  At the moment I’m managing to keep this desire at bay with a herbal tea and teaspoon of maple syrup (the real stuff!).  So now contemplating bed, got an early morning start – not tired at all, hoping I can get some shut eye. Think I’ll go another bath, feeling pretty indulgent, just remember if you don’t look after yourself, no-one else will.




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