Day 3 – Chocolate is a Dirty Word

It was so hard not to jump on the scales today, just to see if anything has started to work yet. Started the diet yesterday at 72.9kg on the dot, so keen to watch those numbers go down. Resisted it though, think I might have to put the scales away so I’m not tempted.

Woke up this morning while it was still dark. Got out of bed at 5.30am coz I just couldn’t stay in bed any longer. Think I was over-excited for my big walk and didn’t want to sleep through it. So we managed to walk 12kms in total, took us about 2 hours, which doesn’t include the coffee shop stop at the half way mark. Ok here goes – I have a confession to make! I know, it’s only day 3 and already. Well I’m only human. Well it wasn’t too bad anyway. What was it? Well while we were having our coffee this morning, I had 2 short blacks – yes that’s right 2!! OMG they were amazing, and I have to say the second one was even better than the first. I figured I deserved it. After having it of course I got an attack of the guilts and must have drunk about a litre of water within 5 minutes! Flush that coffee..

Everything tastes better when someone else cooks..

Now to food. Today was especially enjoyable because Fiona prepared all of our food for the next two days last night. Don’t know what it is about food consumption, but it seems to be more enjoyable when someone else prepares it for you. I’m thinking this is a great idea, I only have to prepare food every other day. Pretty good, I think I could get used to this.

Dinner time at home was the usual – everyone eating their food and me eating mine. So this evening I got to share my meal eating time, with the rest of my family chowing down on pizza, a bottle of wine, and just to really stick the knife in – CHOCOLATE! OMG I loooovvveee chocolate. It’s my other dirty “C” word – coffee and chocolate, grrrrrr.

Boyer 30 Day Weight Loss – My Day Three - Chocolate is a Dirty Word

view of one part of my morning walk – the tea tree lakes byron bay

Found myself a bit hungry this evening though – I think I may not have eaten enough protein during the day. So I had a pig out – yes a pig out – on about a cup of chickpeas. Figured I hadn’t had enough protein. How funny does that sound, “pigged out on a cup of chickpeas” LOL seriously, what has my life become, and I’ve only just started!

Early start again tomorrow, so feeling a need to get to sleep. Need extra zzzzzz’s to help prepare for the upcoming charity walk in a couple of days – 36kms Ballina to Byron. I’m pretty sure I’m not going to go the distance, but I figured I will do as much as I can and just stop.

Till tomorrow..

PS – I have to jump on those scales tomorrow – I need to know!


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