Day 2 – Hung-Sober and BYO Soup

Geez woke up feeling like I had a hangover this morning, and it was without the joy of drinking the night before! WT? I did have a full-on socializing week last week, so yes I must be detoxing. Only one coffee a day isn’t helping either, I’d love one more, but no – I’m gonna be really ‘good’. It’s only 30 days, we can do anything for 30 days.

It was so hard not to jump on the scales today, just to see if anything has started to work yet. Started the diet yesterday at 72.9kg on the dot, so keen to watch those numbers go down. Resisted it though, think I might have to put the scales away so I’m not tempted.

So started my day today with the usual short black. I managed to get a half decent amount of water in today – this is obviously something I’m going to struggle with – it’s so hard to drink water when the weather is cold. I’d rather have a coffee! I’m finding if I fill a glass and make a conscious effort to just sip, it seems the only way that works for me – I’m not into sculling water, I prefer to sip delicately (must have been a princess in a past life! LOL).

Managed to get a personal training session in with Sammi at “MOG” tonight too. I asked her to go easy on me because I’m on day 2 of a detoxifying diet. She was pretty kind to me – although I did manage to chat the whole way through, it was like I hadn’t seen anyone all day and just needed to talk, talk and talk some more.

Didn’t eat anywhere near as much as I probably should have today, but just wasn’t hungry. Pretty interesting evening though, we had a family dinner at the in-laws tonight, good old-fashioned lamb roast with veggies, home made gravy (yes with the pan juices), followed by home made apple crumble & nan’s traditional custard. Don’t get too excited because I DIDN’T HAVE ANY OF IT! I took my bowl of soup with me and warmed it up. So I did get to eat with the family, just not what they were eating. I’m sure they all felt sorry for me I could see the pity in their eyes, but hey I was ok with it. I was saying to myself “when you see me next you’ll be like WOW!” and it will all be worth it!

Started crazy yawning about 8pm, looks like an early night for me, got a big 2 hour walk planned with the girls in the morning. Shaz is coming to pick me up at 6.30am, hope I wake up!



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