As women our bodies go through a lot, especially if we have kids. Over the years, we find our bodies don’t work as well as they once did when we were younger, and this includes our pelvic floor muscles. Incontinence is a massive issue for many women, particularly after pregnancy and childbirth, and up to now treatments have been a little hit and miss. I had the opportunity to speak to a beautiful 76 year old lady *Rose, who over the last few years has had several symptoms that have been getting worse and worse. Then, she discovered this amazing new treatment called Emsella, and it’s worked wonders.

Incontinence, prolapse muscles, leakage, urinary urgency… these are all frustrating, inconvenient and embarrassing issues that can be extremely hard to manage. Sufferers quite often have to adjust their lifestyle to work around the problem and even then accidents can happen. Rose says she had all these symptoms and more. “I have a complex issue. You name it, I have it. It started off with just urgency you have to rush the toilet. Then as the years went by, it got worse, and since last year, I had to wear pad, every day. This year especially was the worst. I had to change a pad sometimes three or four pieces a day, because I couldn’t make it on time to go to the loo. It’s very embarrassing. Sometimes the emergency is there, and I might drink a little bit more… especially Chinese tea! I couldn’t make it to the toilet, and the whole thing would come out, and it’s really embarrassing. My bag was always filled with those disposable panties. I even cut off going out with friends because of the inconvenience. It was miserable. I shied away from invitations, from friends… I shy away because every time you got to excuse and run to the toilet it’s so inconvenient.”

Rose says it was her husband who saw her suffering and was desperate to help find something to help her. “One of our good friends sent us a clipping, about Emsella. And she read that it seemed to be very good and a lot of success. So my husband tried to look for one here in Australia, but couldn’t find one. So he went to Google and traced it back to Singapore. Then he call up Singapore, and then spoke to one of the reps. And he said they have one here and they’re going to launch the machines (in Australia) soon. I was a bit sceptical honestly, but my husband was the one who’s behind me and pushing me that, “you give it a try, give it a try, you have nothing to lose.” So I decided, “Okay, I give it a try.” And then that’s it. We were able to make the appointment and have my first session.”

Rose says she has tried several treatments over the years but knew the first night after the first treatment that she might be onto something that might just work. “So, the first session was good, in the sense that I was able to sleep that night. Normally at night I would wake up six to seven times, sometimes eight even to the loo. Therefore I don’t have enough sleep. So the first session I was able to sleep and then my frequency to the loo at night was shortened, about four, five times only. I told my husband the next day that there seemed to be some improvement. It’s good! I told him, “it’s not a miracle cure, I think it takes time.” He said to me yes, we’ll finish six sessions and see what happens. So, the second session is good, and the frequency is lesser. Even during the day. Then the third session, the fourth and fifth session they were the best. Because by the fourth and fifth session, my frequency is not only less, my leakage has stopped!”

Rose says that her leakage has completely stopped after her Emsella treatments and she can more or less hold on until she gets to the loo. “It’s a great great help. It’s really marvellous. After the fifth session before I went for the sixth, I totally took off my pad. The sixth session was a good grand finale, it was really really good. My leakage has stopped, my urgency has so much improved, and from that day till now, I can hold until I go … even at home. Without the Emsella, prior to that I couldn’t hold even to go to the loo in my own house.”

Rose says she wants to share her story with others because of the amazing success she’s had after years of trying other treatments with no success. “This is something from my heart. I like to share with people and encourage them to give it a try. I was actually due for an operation on the sixth of December for the prolapse, on the rectum wall. According to my specialist it fell forward and it compressed my urethra. So he said to have an operation and stitch back the wall. And I ask him, I said, “What about my incontinence?” He said, “It might help, it might.” I’ve cancelled the appointment. The results from Emsella are so good I’ve cancelled my operation.”

Rose also used to take prescription pills to try to help control her urine for a few hours even though it had side effects, and she also used to use a patch to try to help. She now no longer uses anything. Rose had six Emsella sessions, three in one week and continued the next week.

How does Emsella work?

Emsella uses electromagnetic technology to cause deep pelvic floor muscle stimulation and penetration of the entire pelvic floor area. It restores neuromuscular control by triggering thousands of supramaximal pelvic floor muscle contractions, which are extremely important in muscle re-education of incontinent patients. It’s basically muscle stimulation but to a whole new level that can’t be achieved without external intervention.

I asked Rose about the actual treatment and procedure. “You sit on the machine, and then the electromagnetic force … My urologist told me to do pelvic floor exercise. At least hundred times a day. I find it’s a bit of a nuisance because it takes time, to do it. And being a grandmother and looking after three grandchildren it’s not easy to sit and do the exercises, but anyhow I did It during the night when they all went back home. And this electro machine, it gave 11,200 a session. You got it? I have to do one hundred times, but this machine will do 11,200 times per session, of 28 minutes. I went on full force, because I was all up for it. According to what I understand, some people can’t take it, because they said it’s a bit too strong, but I believe strong is better. It’s good for me. And true enough it is. And the electric force will push up the pelvic muscle and lift up my prolapse. I believe this is the case that’s where I stopped leakage.”

Rose says her mood has changed, she feels so much more relaxed and is so much happier than she was. “That feeling that no one, not even my urologist… could fix me. I even had a second opinion and both of them said that I have complex problem. Very hard to cure. That’s why I was a bit reluctant to try this machine. But it’s definitely been a life changing event. The thing is only the people who has gone through, will understand the psychological effect.”

If you’re interested in the Emsella treatment for yourself, a friend or partner or if you’re a practitioner thinking you need the Emsella in your clinic, email


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