Dr Mark Hanikeri

Dr Mark Hanikeri

The cost of breast augmentation in Australia can vary greatly depending on the surgeon. Having your breast augmentation with a fully qualified and experienced plastic surgeon should be your top priority, however for many patients it’s often the cost that can sway them from choosing the best surgeon for their procedure. It can also be hard to keep track of all the different costs involved, from the surgeon’s fee to the anesthetist to the hospital fees and all the other bits and pieces that add up to make any procedure quite an expensive journey. Dr Mark Hanikeri from Perth in Western Australia makes the process easier by offering packages where you know exactly what you’re getting for what cost.

Breast Augmentation Package

Dr Hanikeri says the best thing about offering packages for breast augmentation patients that helps patients know exactly what they are up for from the beginning. The package is called Fabulous Breasts and it includes:

  • A specialist plastic surgeon (Dr Hanikeri) performing your procedure in a day surgery in a premium, fully accredited hospital;
  • Smooth, round, silicone breast implants from a leading breast implant supplier in Australia (Mentor – Johnson & Johnson or Allergan-Natrelle);
  • Anesthetists Fee
  • Surgeon’s fee
  • Hospital and theatre fees
  • Post-operative care, including dressings and your post-operative surgeon review appointments at 2 weeks, 6 weeks and 6 months post-op (you will have to purchase any compression garments yourself, as these are not included in the price).

There is an initial $185 fee for your first consultation with your plastic surgeon, however if you decide to go ahead with the procedure, this will be deducted from the package amount.

Dr Hanikeri says one of the motivations for offering a well-priced all inclusive package for breast augmentation is to discourage patients from travelling overseas for their surgery. “Our Fabulous Breasts package means you can afford to stay local for your breast implant surgery and avoid the potential risks associated with having your procedure overseas. It also means you can have the appropriate after-surgery care that is so essential to your recovery and results.”

Some patients may want different implants, such as anatomical (teardrop) implants, and these will cost more, or if you are required to have an overnight stay in the hospital, this will also be an additional fee.

We absolutely love that Dr Hanikeri offers all inclusive breast augmentation packages, because it is an extremely well priced package from a well-respected, full qualified and experienced plastic surgeon, and will make breast augmentation more accessible to those who might not have been able to afford it otherwise.

If you’d like more information on the Fabulous Breast Package offered through Dr Hanikeri’s website Assure Cosmetic Centre, give his clinic a call on (08) 9380 0311.


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