Dr Allan Kalus knew fat transfer would be popular but he didn’t imagine how quickly it would become the preferred option of so many women wanting breast augmentation. Breast fat transfer came as an alternative to implants at exactly the right time – when the problems of implants were becoming more widely known and more and more patients were speaking out about breast implant illness, ruptured implants and other side effects of traditional implants. We chatted to Dr Kalus, Plastic Surgeon based at Avenue Plastic Surgery in Windsor, Victoria, about why he believes breast fat transfer is the way of the future and why so many women are choosing this more natural option.

Fat transfer is the future

As with any new medical procedure or technique, it takes time for both the medical community to embrace it, and for patients to trust it. Whilst many liked the idea of fat transfer, the actual reality of how successful the procedure actually was, has been its biggest hurdle to overcome. It has also taken a while for the surgeon insurance companies to add fat transfer as a procedure that the surgeons were covered for. However that changed earlier this year and most surgeons who perform the procedure are now covered.

Dr Kalus has perfected the fat transfer technique, and along with fellow Surgeons Dr Angie Taras and Dr Carmen Munteanu, offers this option for patients through Avenue Plastic Surgery in Victoria. He shared some of their patient before and after photos with us.

More natural option

Dr Kalus says the thing breast fat transfer patients love most about the procedure is that it gives them a natural looking result. The procedure is tailored to suit each and every patient. You want a fuller upper pole? That’s where the fat will be injected. Just want a bit more fullness? Consider it done. Admittedly, fat transfer still has its limits to how much fat can be transferred at one time (you can always have another procedure done if you want more), but you can also have a hybrid augmentation where implants and fat transfer are used together to give the patient exactly what they want.

More and more women are also recognising that putting a foreign object such as an implant into their bodies, may not be the best thing for them long term. So fat transfer is not only a more natural option, it also gives a more natural looking result. Another advantage of fat transfer is that it doesn’t need replacing at any point like implants often do.

Fat Transfer for Tuberous Breasts

Implants to fix tuberous breasts has always been a bit tricky but Dr Kalus says fat transfer to correct tuberous breasts is fantastic. “Tuberous breasts are a real problem with implants – there’s the risk of a double bubble, and you sometimes need to do a mastopexy or some sort of lift. However, if you use fat transfer to put fat into the crease around a tuberous breast, the whole breast becomes normal again, and it’s a wonderful operation for a tuberous breast.”

Dr Kalus says breast fat transfer has become the major focus of his practice and it’s an extremely popular option for women wanting breast augmentation. He is performing the procedure on women from all over Australia and says he’s excited to be a part of the change. “I love offering this more natural option to my patients, knowing it’s the safer option, and a long term one.”

If you’d like more information on fat transfer, check out our information blog here, or if you’d like to arrange a consultation with Dr Allan Kalus to see how he or the other surgeons at Avenue Plastic Surgery might be able to help you, visit their website or phone 03 9521 1777.


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