On our FB Live on Wednesday we got to experience an in-depth chat on a hot topic: Breast Implant Illness a Facebook Live with Dr Mark Magnusson. From the Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery March 2019 Volume 143 Issue 3A p74S-81S a Summary: The link between breast implants and systemic disease has been reported since the 1960’s. Although many studies have looked at either supporting or refuting its existence, the issue still persists and has now been labelled “breast implant illness”. The rise of patient advocacy and communication through social media has led to an increasing number of presentations to plastic surgeons. This article summarises the history of breast implants and systemic disease, critically analyzes the literature (and any associated deficiencies) and suggests a way forward through systematic scientific study. To read more on this subject ASAPS have a great article on their website published 6 March 2019.


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